Remaining Faithful through Persecution

Many people suffer from depression this time of year, and I believe it has a lot to do with memories of Christmases past, and maybe a little trepidation regarding what’s to come as our calendars turn over, yet again.

As Christians, we see the chaos in the world and continue looking up for the blessed hope of our Savior’s return. But still, He tarries, not willing that any should perish. The Great Harvest is coming, but God’s people have been asleep at their post. Instead of occupying until He returns, standing our ground and being the salt of the world, it seems the vast majority are only concerned about their own salvation, and instead of praying, sowing and reaping souls for the Kingdom, all we do is just “look up,” waiting for Jesus to come for US.

As the 2024 dawns, I can’t help but wonder what it will bring. Because we are God’s children, we can rejoice in the hope that we have in our Lord and Savior, but we can also dread the coming persecution that Scripture clearly tells us is only going to get worse.

Christ warns us in Matthew 24 of the signs we should recognize of His return – false pastors, wars and rumors of wars, famines, pestilence and earthquakes in diverse places. These, he proclaimed in verse 8 are just the beginning of sorrows.

I don’t know what the year 2024 will hold. But I can tell you things are not going to get better. TRUE Christians are going to be persecuted like never before. And sadly, not just by the ungodly but by those who have that “FORM OF GODLINESS BUT DENY THE POWER THEREOF.” sadly, many so-called Christians will become your worst enemy as they align themselves with the ear-tickling false doctrines of demons.

As New Year’s Eve rolls around, many will gather in Times Square and other major cities around the world to celebrate. They will drink, they will sing and glorify the sins of this world. Our nation and our world are confused, deceived, lost, and perishing. And few there be that care enough to wash the scales from their eyes, wake from their stupor and claim the POWER that Christ gave His followers — the power to be soldiers of the cross, life-changers, soul-winners, Gospel-of-the-Kingdom preachers and teachers — and servant-hearted ministers.

source: Remaining Faithful through Persecution by Rob Pue, Sons of Liberty

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