Scientific Illiteracy on Steroids

Since the Second World War, powerful movements have been predicting that overpopulation, climate change, and various environmental disasters would soon make the planet unlivable.

Back in the 60s the chosen ones began making wild claims about the coming Armageddon: The population was outpacing the food supply – Hundreds of millions were going to starve in world famines that would begin in the 1970s, leading to thermonuclear war and extinction. 

The media ran with it and a terrified public demanded action.  As usual politicians were only too happy to comply.  President Obama’s science advisor, John Holdren, in his 70s book Ecoscience, advocated for forced abortions, sterilization through infertility drugs, drinking water or food, and creating a Planetary Regime to control the global economy and dictate the detail of our lives by use of an armed international police force.  Holdren went so far as to claim that the U.S. Constitution permitted population control through compulsory laws if the population crisis became sufficiently severe to endanger society.

Without facts or data or documentation to sustain the claims of overpopulation, governmental agencies around the world wasted tens of billions to convince women to murder their unborn child or accept sterilization or limitations on their right to have children, all for the greater good. To this day there are hundreds of thousands employed in the worldwide movement to combat overpopulation even though they can’t define it because there is no workable demographic definition of what constitutes too many people. 

This same scenario has played out numerous times in one scam after another during our lifetime.  You may not remember Global Cooling, but I do. The theory was that man was putting so much fine dust in the air through the use of fossil fuels that they were going to dim the sun light reaching earth, cutting temperatures five or six degrees and trigger a new Ice Age.

When the earth refused to play along, they pivoted on a dime and created Global Warming. Unfortunately for the scammers, global temperatures stopped rising some years ago, so they just reinvented themselves once again as opponents of Climate Change.  Every heat wave or cold front, blizzard or hurricane, flood or drought is now offered as “proof” that human beings have wrecked the weather.

The only constant in this cascade of faux crises is that the population controllers and their environmental allies always blame humanity and its use of fossil fuels.  

The United States is the most energy-rich nation in the world.  Objective estimates place the value of U.S. energy reserves at $50 trillion. But it might as well be zilch since we are not allowed to use it. Government policies made our enemies rich to the detriment of American workers.

Biden and his handlers are no different. His administration actually reversed the energy independence we achieved under Trump and put us in the embarrassing position of having to crawl to hostile regimes to supply the energy we are perfectly capable of producing for ourselves.  America’s enemies can smell the weakness and the stench coming from the White House.

The claim that we only have until 2030 to save the planet is not only pure fantasy; it mirrors dozens of prior prognostications of doom over the past 60 years advanced by the far left. Sadly, the indoctrination has had particular success among naïve young people who have been fed this radical green religion in classrooms across the world, many of whom now suffer from depression under the misguided belief that they have no future.  The left’s hostility to fossil fuels is a manifestation of science illiteracy on steroids that preys on many Americans’ ignorance of basic scientific facts.

Reducing the world’s supply of fossil fuels without a ready replacement will push millions into starvation, sickness, violence and death.

And let us not forget the pandemic and its experimental “cure.” The Chosen people, which include some of the world’s wealthiest, have long espoused using plagues and/or vaccines to reduce the world’s population. Only time will tell if it worked.

There will be a man-made Armageddon if we don’t stop the “Chosen ones” from their destructive scams!

Source:  Apocalypse Now, by Steven Mosher, Population Research Institute; Devastating News from the U.S. Census Bureau by Chris Manion, PhD, Population Research Institute; The Disastrous War Against Fossil Fuels by Kendall Svengalis, The Connecticut Centinal

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