Is The “People’s” Business Getting Done?

Don’t Hold you Breath!

Recent Activity from the House Floor:

To Repeal Mandatory Funding Provided to Establish American Health Benefit Exchanges — Passed  238, 183, 11.   Future: Unlikely to advance in the Senate.

To Repeal Manadatory Funding for Schoool-Based Health Center Construction — Passed 235,191,6.  Future: Unlikely to advance in the Senate.

No Taxpayer Funding For Abortion Act — Passed 251,175,6.   Future: A similiar bill has been introduced in the Senate but is unlikely to gain any traction.

Restarting American Offshore Leasing Now Act — Passed 266.149.17.   Future: Future in the Senate is Uncertain.

I for one am going weary, very weary, of the politics. …… It is time to let the folks in the Senate know…..



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