Got this information  from the Citizen Sentinel which is part ICaucus.  Here is the Reader’s Digest version,

The Senate has confirmed Jack McConnell for U. S. District Judge.   There were objections to his nomination as he was a major player in the tobacco and lead paints class actions.  Also he only achieved and rating of “Qualified” form the ABA (American Bar Association). 

The senate is required by rule to have a cloture vote to end debate on a bill.  Cloture requires a 2/3 majority to pass. While a floor vote only requires a simple majority.

The senate had a cloture vote to end debate on his nomination and it passed (63 votes) .  This assured the confirmation of McConnell with a floor vote of 50 votes, just enough to be confirmed.  

The interesting part is the number of republicans (read RINOs) that voted for Cloture and then voted against the nomination.  Had those RINOs stood their ground and voted against cloture his nomination would not have happened. 

But what the main(lame)stream media will report and what goes on record is they voted against his nomination.   This is a game to them, they are selling the US out to the highest bidder and all the while talking tuff at home!

This Senators that voted for Cloture and then against the nomination are:

Lisa Murkowski                                  John McCain

Saxby Chambliss                               John Isakson

Mark Kirk                                               Susan Collins

Olympia Snowe                                 Scott Brown

Kay Hagan                                             Lindsay Graham

Lamar Alexander

I am saddened to see Scott Brown on this list.

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