Our Favorite Socialist – Maxine!

Well it has long been known the Maxine Waters is not a friend of private business, in particular the terrible oil companies………….


Well now she admits that she is not a friend of the Tea Party Conservatives!! (as if this were really a surprise!)


So we can go to hell?         WWWWeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllllllll  Maxine………………………….


This is the typical rhetoric from the left…  When you start asking questions they can’t answer, it gets nasty.  Case in point, Ryan Rhoades the Kansas Tea Party leader pinned Obama down and all he got was double speak and then the leftist liberal attack dogs (aka Maxine) were unleashed. 

How can people like her be fair in their representation of the American People???

So go ahead Maxine  lead us to hell!!   Oh I forgot that is what you have been to in the way you represent the people in Washington,  You’re leading this nation as a whole to ruin…… to hell.



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