How Do You Grow A Leg?

After struggleing for many years with diabetes, Evert Stefansson of Nykoping, Sweden, had to have his legs amputated. Being diabetic has also caused problem with his kidneys and eyesight.

In order to regain some of his independence, Stefansson applied for a Permobile, a power wheelchair, that he could manoeuvre himself. Despite all his medical problems, he has been denied the power wheelchair.

“I was bitterly disappointed in the local authorities. I don’t feel I got the support I deserve.” Stefansson told the Local.

Stefansson’s wife Siv, also on early retirement due to a bad back, told The Local how she is forced to help her husband with everything and how he remains completely dependent on her.

Now why do you suppose his application was denied? Because the local health authority remained “uncertain if the impairment was permanent”. Boy, does this ever give new meaning to the word MORON!  

The Case of Fredrik Jansson

11 years ago, after a battle with cancer, Fredrik Jansson from Skellefteå in northern Sweden had his leg amputated. In order to keep his disabled parking permit, every three years he is required to visit a doctor, in order to prove his leg hasn’t grown back.

“It is ridiculous to say the least. It defies all common sense,” Jansson told The Local. “I go down to Umeå once every three years and have a doctor establish my leg is still gone.“

According to the local authorities, the medical certificate is necessary in order to establish who needs a permit and who can manage without, as there are a limited number of disabled parking spaces in the area.

“We are only allowed to make our judgement from the person’s ability to walk. It is really difficult for us to judge these things and that is why we need the medical recommendation,“ said traffic administrator Annica Persson from Skellefteå municipality to The Local.  Difficult! We’re not talking about a baby tooth. No one grows a second leg. DUH!

Persson also pointed out that there are very many prosthetic aids for those lacking limbs today. However for Jansson, a prosthetic leg is not an option.

Welcome one and all to the wonderful world of Socialized Medicine. Bet you just can’t wait till Obamacare kicks in and you can enjoy the same guidelines, benefits and BS as these two men. It’s going to be g r e a t!





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