Cut Off The Money From Washington Until Obama Leaves

 How To Stop Taxation Without Representation

Jim Campbell writes:

To make the Federal Government responsible to the citizens of the U.S., it’s simply a matter of shutting off the flow of money. This can legally be accomplished if Americans in mass take an unpaid vacation.  This will be a major wake up call for all of those involved.  Will voters participate?  It depends on a number of variables; many are listed below.

The American voter hasn’t shown much interest in government and how it has been managed until the current administration made promises they did not keep, all the while racking up debt that has surpassed all administrations before it.

Wonder What She’s Thinking Now

 Let’s start a national movement called “Take a few days off from work, as in until Obama is forced out of Washington.” This would all be perfectly legal and would not require a drastic measure like a mass boycott of April 15th, the date the IRS plays “extortion with the taxpayer”.

Many may not be able to participate for lack of a financial nest egg, which is understandable.  By not working, no salaries will be made, no federal income taxes paid because no money was earned, and FICA and MEDICARE payments can’t be extorted from a non-existent paycheck.  Would that mean that Medicare and Social Security payments would not go out?  Of course not; the Treasury Department will do what it always does by printing more money.  Those working for the government will for the most part stay on the job.  All members of the health care industry would be asked not to participate.

Now let’s do some critical thinking here.  Those who we continually re-elect with a “Tax and spend /make government bigger mentality,” are usually sitting on the left side of the aisle.  They believe that we work for them and fail to realize that, in a representative democratic Republic, they have it all wrong.  They work, or better said, fail to work or listen to us, as in We The People.”

Have you ever written your senator or member of Congress on a topic of great concern, possibly the health care debate, only to receive a form letter failing to address your concerns? Attempts to make serious cuts in wasteful spending by Congress have basically amounted to nothing.

In the movie “Field of Dreams”, the quote “Build it and they will come” was repeatedly heard by the movie’s leading man, Kevin Costner, as he built a baseball diamond in his cornfield. His vision was to see the old-time legends of the past come and play at the site he created for them.

We are not making a movie, folks, but we are going to play a good old-fashioned game of hardball. The motto of We the People will be: “Cut off the money, and they can’t spend.”

Is there a down side? After all, those who are fortunate enough to have a job and a paycheck are afraid that they will lose it as they see their companies outsource and move out of the high tax, expensive pro union states run by Democrats to right-to-work states.  Indeed, the loss of a paycheck can be frightening; subsequently, some may not participate.

Of course, union members won’t be taking time off in addition to the run of the mill poorly informed Democrat voter.  That’s fine; let the unions that make our goods and services noncompetitive work and pay taxes. Why not; it’s the ideas and programs of the people who Dems vote for that have destroyed the societal norms and economic position of the United States of America.

What about the future, in a post vacation America?  If there were to be a prolonged unpaid vacation period taken by America’s work force, then they would be put back to work immediately as the demand for their work experience would equal the demand for goods and services unavailable during America’s great vacation. Remember, vacation time is over on November 6th.

For the most part, those among the left have little sound economic underpinning. They are lost among the failed economic theories of John Maynard Keynes.  We the People will teach them economics without a textbook or using formulas.  We simply tell them: “you have no money, so you cannot spend.”

Will the voter participate in the above scenario?  It’s not likely, based on their laziness and their lack of understanding of what the government does to them rather than for them; they will continue to vote for incompetent representatives who will continue to destroy the American Dream. Remember, “No taxation without representation” was the slogan that summarized a primary grievance of those who fled Britain and ultimately lead the American Revolution.

Wake up America; it’s time for a second American Revolution, this time without firing a single shot.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.





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