Democrat’s Email Ask “Canada Free Press” For Money

“If Democrats do not raise 800,000 by April First, they lose the election to the Extremist Republicans”

Earth to Obama Team from non-existent number 7041885

7041885. That’s the number the Obama campaign uses to identify Canada Free Press (CFP).

“Hey friend—Our team is reviewing supporter records this weekend, and we noticed that you had not yet made an online contribution (your record is copied and pasted below),” Jason Rosenbaum, DSCC Director of Online Communications, wrote in an email to CFP this morning.

Supporter record: 7041885 Name: friend,  2012 online support: pending Suggested support: $5.00

The Obama campaign repeatedly and erroneously lists CFP as a “friend” and “supporter”.

“This coming week is the most important until Election Week,” Rosenbaum wrote in his email.  “In 6 days, we face the first quarterly FEC deadline of 2012, and our fundraising results will determine the course of this campaign for Democrats.  In April, we can expect the GOP SuperPAC machine to begin pouring unprecedented amounts of money into presidential and Senate battleground states.  They will pollute the airwaves and try to drown our collective voice.

So on April 1, the question will be this: Do Democrats have enough money to overcome the GOP SuperPAC machine?

“If we don’t raise $800,000 in the next 7 days, that answer will be no.  President Obama, Tammy Baldwin, and Sherrod Brown will be buried under millions of dollars in negative ads.

“If everyone who has yet to give online would click and chip in $5 right now, we’ll get there.  But if we miss this goal, President Obama and Senate Democrats will lose in November.  And you know the nation can’t afford that.

“95% of our contributions are from grassroots donors.  Without this crucial source of funding, we have no way to meet this FEC deadline and protect America from a hostile takeover by Republican extremists.

“Raising this final $800,000 is absolutely essential.  Is there any way you could give $5?”


No, Mr. Rosenbaum, there is not.  Canada Free Press is in Canada, the country next door, your neighbours to the north?

Nor as far as we know does the Obama campaign have any legit “grassroots donors” in Canada. 


Concerning your postcript: “Our records show your email as
If our records are incorrect, and you have made a recent online donation, please click here to let us know.” :

We have pointed out numerous times within the past two years that your records are incorrect, as in ‘Fluked’.

Canada Free Press is neither “friend” nor “supporter” of the Obama team.  You can find that out for yourself by simply reading our online publication.

P.S.:Thanks in advance for setting your faulty records straight.


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