Chelsea Clinton’s Life Threatened if Bill Told The Truth About Obama

In an earlier article I wrote that the Clinton’s knew Obama was not an American citizen. Now we know why the Clinton’s never exposed Obama for what he really is. The evil truth is coming out about Obama and his political thug machine.

Anyone part of this deceptive cover-up needs to be tried for treason, imprisoned, all their assets confiscated and returned to the American people, then do what you do to treasons. 

American’s have had enough! 

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1 comment for “Chelsea Clinton’s Life Threatened if Bill Told The Truth About Obama

  1. elliom
    April 24, 2012 at 8:30 pm

    what about every one else,,,the beatings druggings attacks to other peoples daughters by many peoples some who pro clinton some anti clinton,,ones behind oakland thugs and even in churches ones have bullies,,,who beat, steal, force “donations” some connected to all politicians repub or dem..yet the people who real problem yet know how get ones on their side, ……..where oh where and who right ones to protect us,,,help go about,,out of some same circles of people as for decades,,,right wonderful good???who???got with,,not let go……….help reinforce…….where and who..

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