Administration Can’t Stand For Anyone To Expose The Truth

The District of Columbia Board of Elections opened an investigation Tuesday after an undercover video posted online showed an activist against voter fraud going into a Washington polling station and beginning the process to vote under the name of U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

They are now asking prosecutors to decide whether or not to press charges against James Okeefe for exposing the truth and easiness of voter fraud.

The Justice Department said it was no coincidence that SO CALLED examples of voter fraud turned out to be manufactured. BULL CRAP! Thanks to acorn, dead people voted for Obama in 2008.

The only way Obama can win is to have his partners in crime LIE, CHEAT, THREATEN and INTIMIDATE. And what they’re doing to James Okeefe is pure intimidation. I’m sure they would like to make an example out of Okeefe so no one will question their crooked methods.

Okeefe never said he was Eric Holder. He asked, “Do you have an Eric Holder,” then left without voting. BIG DIFFERENCE. However, if it had been an acorn employee asking for a John Smith, they would have illegally voted and nothing would ever be said about it.

Here is the video again. I see nothing wrong but, you judge for yourself.

 This video exposes voter fraud in South Carolina where over 900 dead people voted in the primary. Yet Eric Holder says voter ID in discriminating; not everyone has an ID and that shouldn’t keep them from voting.

Not having a valid ID is no excuse. The DMV will be glad to issue anyone a photo ID.


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