Your New Handicap Tag!

Nealz Nuze

By Neal Boortz

Yesterday on the show we featured a story about Dear Ruler deciding that every private business doing business with the federal government must have 7% of their workers in every job category rated as handicapped.  The federal government, by the way, is at 5%.  In the course of looking at this new ADA regulation, we started looking at the new official government descriptions of who is and who is not handicapped.  Well, guess what?  The inability to THINK qualifies you as handicapped and gives you special protections under the Americans with Disabilities Act!  What’s more, if you already have a job, and your employer suddenly figures out that you just can’t think, your employer then must make some accommodation for you – perhaps hire a thinker to assist you – so that you can keep your job!

Well … this all prompted me to send out a Tweet yesterday (you can find me on Twitter at @Talkmaster) that seemed to please a lot of people.  So … in all humility … I thought I would repeat it here:

If the inability to think is recognized by ADA as a disability

— an Obama bumper sticker qualifies as a handicapped tag.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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