Controlling Free Enterprise by means of Intimidation

Color of Change, (COC) a liberal organization funded by George Soros, SEIU,, etc., and  co-founded in 2005 by James Rucker and Van Jones,  have been making calls to corporations like Coca-cola, basically demanding they stop funding the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC),…. or else.

ALEC is an ideologically conservative lobbying group where members share a common belief that “government closest to the people” is “fundamentally more effective, more just, and a better guarantor of freedom than the distant, bloated federal government in Washington.

According to their website, COC states:

For years, the right wing has been trying to stop Black people, other people of color, young people, and the elderly from voting — and now some of America’s biggest companies are helping them do it. These companies have helped pass discriminatory voter ID legislation by funding a right wing policy group called the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

ALEC’s voter ID laws are undemocratic, unjust and part of a longstanding right wing agenda to weaken the Black vote. Major companies that rely on business from Black folks shouldn’t be involved in suppressing our vote.

So far the Intimidation of COC has been successful with these corporations ending ties with ALEC; Coca-cola, McDonalds, Kraft, Wendy’s, Intuit, Pepsi Co and Mars Inc., maker of Snickers M&M’s etc.., and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announced that they will no longer be making grants to ALEC after being targeted.

Color of Change says hundreds of people are making calls to corporations to  demand that the companies stop funding ALEC, the conservative policy group (along with the NRA)  behind voter suppression and “Shoot First” bills. In Florida, the so-called “Stand your Ground” law — the prototype for ALEC’s model legislation — has been used to defend the actoins of Trayvon Martin’s  killer.

However, Johnson & Johnson, Walmart, ATT, Sprint, and Allstate have not caved in to the demands of COC, but some have been given a deadline.

If progressive/communist organizers have their way, companies like AT&T will follow the path of Coca Cola and Kraft and pull their funding for ALEC as well.

The Koch Companies Public Sector (KCPS) fired back at Color of Change, telling The Daily Caller that recent left-wing attacks on corporate sponsors of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) are really aimed at the free market and its supporters — not at ALEC’s support for the bipartisan “stand your ground” legislation that became a lightning rod after the Feb. 26 Trayvon Martin shooting.

Philip Ellender, president and chief operating officer of government and public  affairs at KCPS said that the anti-ALEC campaign is designed “not only to  intimidate, but to silence supporters of free-market principles and those who  oppose the current policies that are worsening our already ruinous deficits.”

“The motive behind this latest activist attack is much broader than this [“stand  your ground” gun law] issue. These are the  same well-funded, anti-free market forces that have been engaged in the  orchestrated, politically motivated attacks against Koch over the past three  years.”

Those of us who love Freedom need to call these companies and tell them we will no longer be buying their products for having no back-bone and caving into a radical group sponsored by George Soros who is determined to destroy their businesses and our country?

Please make a call. We have to fight fire with fire!

Coca-Cola – 1 (800) 438-2653

Wendy’s – 1 (614) 764-3100

McDonald’s – 1 (800) 244-6227

Kraft – 1 (847) 646-2000

Mars – 1 (703) 821-4900

PepsiCo – 1 (914) 253-2000







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