University forces Muslim Leaders on Christian Groups at Vanderbilt

By mandating the elimination of a Christian group’s standard of ‘personal commitment to Jesus Christ,’ Vanderbilt requires students to abandon their religious integrity and undermines their religious freedoms.

Law student Palmer Williams explains, “They preach that they are tolerant and that this policy is to end discrimination, when in fact this policy is directly discriminating on my right to be a religious person.”

Anna McNair a sophomore said, “I feel that religious organizations have the right to be biased. It wouldn’t be right for a Muslim person to be leading a Christian organization. The leaders need to share the beliefs of the body to foster unity.”

Now 11 religious organizations – including groups like Campus Crusade for Christ and InterVarsity – must decide whether they should continue under the new policy, become “unofficial” organizations or leave campus altogether. Two Catholic organizations have already packed their bags and left. source


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