Cute as a Chimpanzee

The Daily Rant: Black Conservative Mychal Massie's Hard Hitting Commentary on Race, Obama and Politics

Mychal Massie

October 2011 on the Leno Show, Obama said, his wife thought he looked old, but that she still thinks he isCute as a chimpanzee cute. Well, a lot of people think chimpanzees are cute too, but they can be nasty and as we witnessed many times they are deadly also. And therein lies the rub.

Obama, who is the ultimate “nowhere man” loves to bask in the limelight of “bow before me” interviews and appearances. I understand that Leno could give a rats behind about Obama, and that it’s entirely possible he dislikes the fraud named Hussein almost as much as I do – but Leno is ratings motivated and specific to that point so is the “cute like a monkey” man.

Obama cannot run the country, so like a junior high school girl who finds out little Johnny isn’t taking her to the prom, depressed she does a mall trip – a depressed Obama in need of comfort and feigned adulation heads off to do staged events. He was glib, toothy and all ears as Leno lobbed him questions, that Obama’s illegal aunt could answer.

Here’s my point, we don’t need a clown or comedian for president. If he wants to get smiles and laughs let him get a job as a comedian, doorman, or elevator operator where he is expected to be funny. I know Clinton went on Leno, but at least Clinton: a) was gifted and intelligent politician, b) smart enough to co-opt successful Republican initiatives and take credit for them, claiming the success of the country as his own. Clinton was a serial philanderer, disingenuous, and there is evidence that a part of him that was racially bigoted as well – but he was a consummate politician (a tawdry one notwithstanding), who loved fried chicken and anything in a skirt – whose intellect could be admired, even though it was wasted. But I’m digressing.

America is in trouble and the best Obama can do is play chimpanzee sans the Tarzan set. As noted on this page, he has circumvented Congressional authority, making defacto stimulus bailouts. He has cleared the way for Iran and sharia law to take preeminence in the Middle East. He continues to believe that all he has to do is give a speech, berate a Congressman, print money, raise taxes, blame Bush, and all will be well. Well, the only well there is the one he has driven us into. Can you imagine if Roosevelt, who the News Magazines portrayed Obama as being the second coming of – would have behaved like this. I argue that Roosevelt was an epic failure whose flawed policies are contributing to the peril we find ourselves in today, but at least he had leadership qualities.

We have problems and the best Obama can do is make people dependent on the government for their existence. How will that work for the rest of us, as Hispanics and illegals are having more and more children at earlier ages, who are not finishing school and whose children are not finishing school? Who will pay for them or is that the can to kick down the road? Blacks don’t count, Margaret Sanger’s Progeny have them under control. And the current generation is old enough that Obamacare will handle the rest. Whites will be a problem as well with more and more white males dropping out of school – does he have a plan for that?

As a candidate, Obama had all of the answers. You could have asked him the price of red clay on Mars and he would have had an answer. He pledged to have the most transparent administration ever – and yet yesterday we learned that he was changing existing law to not just undermine the Freedom of Information Act, but to render it of no effect. His Justice Dept. is authorizing lying when requests are made by for information under current Freedom of  Information. Is this his idea of transparency or it this one more step to keep his records and information about him sealed and away from public scrutiny? He was hailed as the post racial president, when in fact his Justice Dept. has not just engaged in racially biased behavior, but under Holder with Obama’s approval has codified racially biased and racially selective ways and methods of upholding the law.

Obama promised there would be no lobbyists in his administration. Yet his Super Committee charged with finding $1.2 trillion in cuts over next ten years, that is meeting in secret and not open to public or media scrutiny, is completely open to over 200 paid lobbyists. And Obama doesn’t even blink at it.

We need a leader who realizes that his words impact markets and industry. It was necessary for him to be told in no uncertain terms to stop ridiculing Nevada and Vegas, because he was killing an already suffering city/state. We need a president who understands that talking down reality TV shows can cost more jobs. We need a president demanding the Justice Dept. to stop stonewalling and obfuscating and fully co-operate in Fast and Furious, before more Americans are murdered with government supplied weapons in the hands of criminals.

We don’t need a president taking the equivalent of mall trips vis-a-vis staged political events and a get his feet kissed appearances on Leno to make himself feel good. We need a leader. We need a president who doesn’t mock and berate Americans. If we wanted a comedian as president, we would have gone to The Comedy Club, if we had wanted a preening chimpanzee doing tricks on late night television we would have gone to the zoo. America needs a leader, we don’t have time to care what Obama looks like to his wife.



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