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I have some questions we should be demanding answers to from Obama–not many, just a couple.  His answers or his refusal to answer will indelibly punctuate any lingering questions pursuant to his validity as leader of the greatest free-market capitalist nation in the world.  My questions are in no particular order, they aren’t complex and they’re not designed to be “gotcha questions.”  They are just simple questions that voters should demand he answer.

Question 1: We are told that you were “apoplectic” upon finding out about the GSA lavish spending.  Would you be so kind as to tell us why that specific word was used to express whatever emotions you are said to have displayed?  And if those government employees responsible for the lavish waste of taxpayer money are to be condemned shouldn’t every government employee who engages in such waste and conspicuous consumption of taxpayer monies also be condemned?

Question 2: Based on the press releases from your office, were you similarly apoplectic to find out that your wife had listed your daughters as senior staff on her trip to Africa?  Were you apoplectic when your wife, rather than wait approximately four hours, took the other presidential jet–complete with staff, secret service, and the requisite support that is required for the first family–and flew ahead of you to New England for your family vacation?

Question 3: What conditions existed that prevented you from having your Justice Department appoint a special prosecutor to investigate allegations (made under sworn testimony) of political pressure being applied to career attorneys at the Justice Department to settle the New Black Panther Party voter-intimidation case prematurely?

Question 4: Describe for us your exact views on the New Black Panther voter-intimidation case in Philadelphia, and please include the legal statutes you base same on if you speak in legal terms.

Question 5: Please explain for us, if you will, how you reconcile having former Congressman and disgraced former head of MF Global, John Corzine, touted and lauded as being one of your biggest bundlers?  You promised propriety and yet you have Corzine who is responsible for $1.2 billion going missing in client monies; who is responsible for MF Global having to file bankruptcy; and who is being sued by nearly 40,000 farmers who lost their investments because of him.

Question 6: Please explain, if you will, what steps have you taken thus far to dispel the very real appearance of racial double standards not only in your Department of Justice but also observed in your personal actions?

Question 7: Can you describe, in a simple paragraph, how it makes you feel watching your wife taking lavish vacation after lavish vacationand indulging herself in conspicuous over-the-top spending–while the majority of Americans are struggling to put bread and cereal on the table?

The bottom line is that Obama cannot answer these questions.  He cannot answer them because everyone of them opens a trapdoor in the floor for him to fall through.  To answer any of these questions makes the responding questions that much more difficult to dodge–and even without follow-up questions there is no way for him to answer these honestly without exposing himself for what he is.

But, then again, he’s Barack Obama, which means he’s smarter than the rest of us, so no doubt he thinks he could answer these questions while making jump shots. That said, I have one last question for him.

Question 8: Do you always send a signed card to the private home of people you’ve never met?  People whose personal residence was unknown even to those in their own office?  Or do you make special exceptions for certain people?  And do you care to tell us how you obtained the personal residence information that the person’s closest associates didn’t have?










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