Do Americans Really Support Gay Marriage Or Is It A Liberal Lie?

The drive-by media would have you believe that a majority of Americans support same sex marriage  but, North Carolina just became the 32nd state to pass a marriage amendment, by a large margin, protecting the sanctity of marriage between a man and woman.

A Gallup poll last week showed that 51% of Americans supported gay marriage, but a CBS News poll showed that only 38% support it.  How could that happen?  Well, it is like anything else – it’s how you pose the question.  Gallup only gave two choices  —  do you support or oppose it.  CBS on the other hand added a third option  — civil unions which explains the drop in support.   Liberal Democrats  explain away the CBS poll by claiming that people by nature will take the easier choice which happened to be civil unions.

But the only true polling data are votes.  32 times voters have gone to the polls in some of the most liberal states in America and rejected same sex marriage.  Even in Maryland, the bluest of blue states, voters are on the verge of completing a successful referendum petition to strike down their law recognizing gay marriage.

Thanks to Joe Biden’s loose lips, Obama was forced into admitting his support for same-sex marriage.  Other than telling the DOJ in February not to defend the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in court,  Obama had managed to  evaded the same sex marriage issue,  knowing full well that Eric Holder was prepared to file legal briefs on the QT to have the law overturned.   Obama’s plan, as with any issue, is to tell the voters one thing while doing exactly the opposite and then in typical Obama fashion, he could look the voters in the eye and lie that he had nothing to do with the destruction of traditional marriage and families in this country   —  the court simply overturned the Defense of Marriage Act.

Dale Schowengerdt, an attorney with the Alliance Defense Fund,  who has been defending the law said that “everyone thought they [DOJ] were taking a neutral stance.  They did not indicate they were going to actively attack its constitutionality.”

Technically, the Justice Department is involved only in lawsuits that challenge Section 3 of DOMA which prevents the federal government from recognizing gay marriage.  But, the legal arguments that the DOF is making could be applied to the entire law, including sections that protect states.  One argument put forth by DOF is that the passage of DOMA “was motivated in significant part by animus toward gays and lesbians” — i.e., prejudice and hostility toward homosexuals.  The brief asserts that gays and lesbians have suffered discrimination throughout history and, like minorities, “exhibit obvious, immutable, or distinguishing characteristics.”  DOJ is also arguing that DOMA should be reviewed under “heightened scrutiny,” a standard normally applied to laws that  impact race and sex.   While every appeals court that has considered the issue has declined to apply “heightened scrutiny” to sexual orientation, if DOJ wins this argument, every law nationwide defining marriage in the traditional sense could be reversed.

DOJ’s legal briefs have even rejected the notion that children need moms and dads as an issue that Congress cited in 1996 when DOMA was passed.

Schowengerdt said that attorneys for the House of Representatives are doing a “fantastic” job defending the law under the leadership of a former solicitor general, Paul Clement.

If you don’t think that what Obama and Holder are doing changes anything, you definitely need to wake up.   According to the Harvard Law Review,  under the law, one definition of marriage could not exist alongside the other.  Once the judiciary or legislature adopts the union of any two persons as the legal definition of civil marriage, that concept becomes the sole definitional basis for the only legal sanctioned marriage that any couple can enter into, whether same sex or man-woman.  Legally sanctioned genderless marriage, rather than peacefully coexist with traditional one man-one woman marriage actually displaces and replaces it.

In an effort to go around DOMA, Senator Joe Lieberman’s bill S1910, the “Domestic Partnership Benefits and Obligations Act of 2011” sits in the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, a committee controlled by liberals.    Liberman should have called his bill the “Homosexual Special Benefits Act” since it would give only  homosexual households  the right to the same benefits as provided to husbands and wives.   Susan Collins R-ME,  who  cosponsored Liberman’s special benefits bill, along with Senator Lieberman,  just happen to be on the Senate committee considering the bill.

Well, no surprise, the committee passed the bill on a voice vote and it now heads for the floor.  Lieberman, who claims to not support same-sex marriage, feels it is only fair to offer these federal benefits to homosexual partners.

The Defense of Marriage Act prohibits federal recognition of same sex unions for purposes of federal enactments but that doesn’t slow the liberals down.  They are determined to destroy traditional American values.



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