Turning Amerika into a Nazi-Soviet Concentration Camp

We don’t have to worry about some Hitler invading America and turning this into a dictatorship, because that is what we already have now. And worse.

Scott Lazarowitz – They’re really all the same now: Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, East Germany, North Korea … and now, the USSA.

It is of no surprise to me that the same kinds of warmongers – from Honest Abe Lincoln waging war against secessionists and Fascist Delano Roosevelt’s internment camps to Dubya and Obama’s “anti-terror” (i.e. anti-due process, anti-civil liberties) wars – are those who do as much as they can to steal what private wealth they can and enslave the people’s labor.

In addition to the “Enemy Expatriation Act,” an act proposed by Sen. Joe Lieberman that would remove citizenship from terror suspects not convicted, now the clown’s fellow moonbat-fascist Senator Chuckles Schumer proposes to punish people who renounce their American citizenship and move to countries with less wealth-confiscation powers. This is in response to Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin’s move to Singapore and his September, 2011 U.S. citizenship renunciation.

So, besides all the anti-due process policies these people in Washington have been inflicting on Americans since 9/11, in their desperate attempts to steal as much wealth as they can from others, they will go after their tax-theft victims who attempt to flee the country.

But, as the Daily Bell noted, “governments don’t need taxes anymore. Why do you need to extract funds from citizens when you print all the money you want anyway?”

So really, it isn’t as much that Chuckles feels the U.S. government needs even more of people’s money, it’s the attitude of envy and covetousness by the socialists who rule over us: “How dare you leave the country and take your own property with you?”

And another provision that the lowlifes propose is to never allow these expats to return to the U.S. Now, what a childish display of overt resentment! Talk about ignoramuses with an utter lack of understanding of what freedom is all about.

It is actually these senators who don’t belong in America. They need to grow up, and stop persecuting Americans who earned and acquired their wealth through hard work, honest investment, and being the actual producers of society! (What, exactly, have Joe Lieberman and Chuckles Schumer actually produced for others, or services they have actually provided to others, except for feeding off the public trough?)

What clinging government bureaucrats like Lieberman and Schumer remind me of are those parents and school administrators who panic if they see a child playing alone in a playground or park while the parent goes into a store. Or when police see a child or pre-teen kid walking home alone from school, and actually seize the child and take him home in the cruiser. Have you heard those stories?

We live in a very clinging, perverted society now in which the idea of independence and freedom is to be shunned, as the smothering, narcissistic adults can’t bare to let the kids have their own space, live by their own free will, and become independent from their authorities.

In the same way, the State’s proclaimed ownership of the people and their labor keeps the people enslaved and imprisoned. And it’s sick.

Another thing that envious, fascist senators here remind me of is the enforcement during the 19th Century of the Fugitive Slave Laws. If a slave ran away to his freedom, which was his right to have, this law (which Honest Abe Lincoln supported, by the way) mandated that the slave be captured and brought back to his “owner,” and without anything resembling due process. It also punished severely anyone who had helped or sheltered the runaway slave.

Well, this is very much like what these clinging slave masters in Washington are doing, and not just to wealthy American expats, but to the rest of us poor slobs, as well.

Well, I would like to ask Chuckles Schumer: Who is actually driving away these ex-patriots? Why are they leaving America? And who is it that is driving away American businesses to offshore locations? Is it really just their greed? After all, the real greed is on the part of government bureaucrats who can’t get enough of other people’s wealth, and who can’t get enough from markets through illicit means while virtually exempting themselves from laws the rest of us must obey.

Or is it the American consumers who are driving away these expats? Is their patronage so overwhelming to businesses and thus scaring them away? Nope. It’s these damn government bureaucrats.

It is these government bureaucrats and their tyrannical tentacles that are pushing people out of the U.S.

People are trying to escape now from this Prison State. The wealthy ones are lucky if they actually can get out. But many of us do not have the wealth and can’t afford any big moves, or some people have medical issues which make a big move impossible. So, many of us will have to suffer in the near future because these bureaucrats in Washington are turning America into a Nazi-Soviet concentration camp.

The truth is, no one should have his citizenship renounced or revoked more than these covetous, clinging senators. It would be very difficult for anyone to be more un-American than these senators.

But this wealth-covetousness-clingingness is not all: Not only are these criminals trying to make it difficult via taxation for someone to escape the Amerikan Prison State with one’s own wealth that one rightfully acquired, but they are also making it difficult to leave via draconian bureaucratic means.

The State Department may not have yet approved the proposed passport application form DS-5513, which would require the memory, research and disclosure of personal information about one’s entire life history (including facts about, yes, one’s circumcision, for instance). But our right to freedom of travel, the right to leave and return to our homes as we please, has apparently already been restricted by the State Department’s illegal use of another, similarly intrusive form, and because of that some people have already been denied a passport.

Requested on these forms is information about you and your family members that most people could not possibly remember. It is an unbelievable Bureaucratic Berlin Wall that is being designed to keep the people inside the prison to exist on behalf of those covetous, sadistic slave masters in Washington.

Even the drones now that the federal and local governments are using to act as surveillance-spies (to make sure no one can escape alive) are not necessary, as those bureaucratic forms will be enough. All it will take to prevent someone’s escape from the U.S. government’s imprisonment is some lowly, scar-faced bureaucrat in some DC office stamping “Application Denied.” (Drones not needed, but the treasonous criminal bureaucrats will use them anyway.)

Yes, the Gestapo senators who hate America and who hate freedom really are turning the United States into Nazi Germany, East Germany, and the Soviet Union.

“If we didn’t win World War II, we’d all be speaking German now”?

No, we wouldn’t be speaking German now, but we are living in Nazi Germany. No, not because of invasion from Nazis, but because of the foreign regime that has occupied Washington, DC for 150 years that has turned the guns on the American people.

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  1. Etelvira
    May 25, 2012 at 3:22 pm

    the information you showed us is very reliable.

  2. June 10, 2012 at 5:41 pm

    A lot of of what you assert is astonishingly legitimate and that makes me personally wonder the key reason why I hadn’t looked at this r in this lighting before. This particular article genuinely did change the light on for me. Even so at this time there is one particular issue I am not essentially too at ease with and whilst I make an effort to reunite that with the actual central thought of your position. Perfectly done.

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