Promoting Truth is Patriotic, even when it brings the Secret Service to your door

You won’t Believe This Video – Obama’s hounds visit

Eligibility Activist LoneStar1776 (Rudy Davis)

These secret service guys try to twist Davis’ every word.

They even ask for his family’s names, but Davis stood his ground and refused.

WND – The investigators then began a series of “pertinent” questions they explained were required because, “We do have a job to do,” including the following:

  • “Have you ever been in the military?”
  • “Any handgun training, martial arts?”
  • “Do you belong to any groups or associations?”
  • “Have you ever traveled out to see the president?”
  • “Do you have any criminal history?”
  • “Do you own any weapons? All your weapons are registered?”
  • “Have you ever been hospitalized for mental [illness]? Family history of mental illness?”
  • “A possible search of your home – are you OK with that?”
  • “In the past year, how many places have you traveled to?”
  • “Do you have any siblings? Would you mind telling me who they are? What about parents? Can we talk to them?”
  • “Where do you work?”

Multiple times the investigator also asked, “Do you understand that threatening to harm someone is a crime as well?”

“I understand that,” Davis said, “but I have not threatened to harm [anyone].”

In Davis’ previous video, which presumably prompted the investigation, Davis had cited the example of England’s Oliver Cromwell beheading King Charles I as an example of what should be done to Obama.

“Once [Obama] is convicted in a court of law,” Davis said, “we don’t need to send him off to prison, we don’t need to send him out of the country, we need to behead him publicly.”

Why publicly?

“To show everybody that’s what happens to you when you come in to America and you lie and you forge and you fraud and you take over commander in chief when you know you’re not eligible,” Davis explained. “America doesn’t put up with that.

At one point, one of the investigators said, “We’d prefer if you didn’t film us,” but Davis asserted it was his property and his right to do so.

The first video, in which Davis advocated beheading, can be seen below:

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