A Chicken In Every Pot – But No Way To Cook It

In March Lisa Jackson, the EPA administrator attended a meeting in Paris for the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development to discuss “the agency’s international efforts on urban sustainability.  Kind of have to wonder why she spent taxpayer money to attend this  meeting when the EPA has no economic mandate sanctioned by law and absolutely nothing to do with sustainable development, or does she?  Perhaps it was to find out some new regulations she can impose to further kill American jobs.

The State  Department just announced that Hillary Clinton will be heading the U.S. delegation to the U.N. Conference on Sustainable Development – RIO+20 set for June 20-22 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where she plans to meet with key world leaders.  Guess who is going with her?  None other than Lisa P. Jackson who will serve as alternate head of the delegation.

In addition to Hillary and Lisa, taxpayer money will be spent to send most of Hillary’s friends that she appointed to positions within the State Department, such as a former member of Hillery’s Southern California Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender steering committee, several appointees that served in Bill’s administration,  a U.N. devotee who spent much of her career trying to convince Americans that the world was coming to an end through the dreaded global warming scam using money from far left organizations like the  Ford, Rockefeller, Carnegie Foundations and George Soros.  All in all, Hillary pretty much  stacked the deck  against taxpayers.

Others attending on the taxpayer dime are representatives from  the U.S. Agency for International Development;  technical experts from the State Department; the U.S. Mission to the UN;  the US Agency for International Development;   the Department of Commerce; the Department of Energy; and the Treasury Department; along with 9 private sector advisers representing business, state and local officials, nongovernmental organizations, etc.

RIO+20  which has absolutely nothing to do with protecting the environment and everything to do with eliminating property rights and capitalism, should  be quite a  taxpayer funded party for the American delegation.

Hans Karsten, a speaker at  RIO+20 admitted that creating carbon neutral cities, an important U.N. goal, will kill jobs and displace businesses that are unable to adapt to restrictive policies that will raise energy prices or reduce energy reliability.  Karsten who is head of Technical and Environmental Administration for Copenhagen, Denmark, revealed that it was his city’s intent to have zero carbon emissions by 2025 with half the residents riding to work by bicycle.

Huxley Lawler, the Ex. Coordinator of Environment and Climate Change in Australia admitted that the U.N. has abandoned the term “climate change” for “sustainable development”.   Paul Chambers, a Sustainability Manager in New Zealand said it was important to use “inexact” environment protection terminology when dealing with “conservative governments.”    It is so much easier to fool the “peasants” when you use bait and switch!

And if all that nonsense isn’t enough,  pagans are pushing “Mother Earth” worship, giving her full human “rights” during the RIO+20 conference.

Kumi Naido of Green Peace says that eliminating poverty and saving the planet are one and the same.  Naido also enlightens us  that an “economy based on nuclear energy, oil, coal, the over-exploitation of our forests and trees will never be green.”   Instead, Green Peace wants a “fair” green economy, one  that provides sustainable livelihoods for all. . .a mechanism to delivery societal goals and economic growth as an end goal will be abandoned.  Right now everyone is talking “green” – its become super fashionable. . . And, if the US refuses go along with the UN agenda, Naido  says it’s  preferable to have the U.S. “come to the party” but if the US doesn’t play along, it will become isolated – they will see that they are going to compromise their economic future if they continue to hang on to the dirty brown fossil fuel. . .”

Like most far left environmentalist, Naido thinks there should be a chicken in every pot but wants to withhold any method of  cooking  it.

Environmental concerns wane in the face of  a poor economy  and contrary to what the scare mongers would have you believe, the wealthier a society, the healthier the environment.  Technology leads to people living in a cleaner, more efficient and properous world.  But then again,  the climate scare isn’t about the environment, it’s about power and transfering America’s wealth to the U.N. which may, or may not, give it to poor countries.

“The climate is warming, they’re crying, each day we get closer to frying, but one year it’s hot, the next year it’s not, Methinks that somebody is lying. Joseph Harris “Politically Incorrect Limericks”


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