Paratus .308 Clandestine Breakdown Special Ops Rifle

The Blaze has been given a first look at an incredible special ops breakdown rifle that you haven’t seen anywhere else.

Paratus full view

It’s called the Paratus 16, and it is one of the most exciting new rifle designs we’ve seen in a long time.

Designed from the bottom up and built by DRD Tactical Arms, the Paratus was conceptualized from the start as a multi-purpose rifle specifically for Spec Ops/Covert Ops missions. It can also suit many diplomatic or executive security, military, air crews, law enforcement– and of course– home defense uses.

What DRD Tactical has come up with is a high-tech clandestine ops rifle that fits right in your backpack.

While it derives some of its basic concepts from the AR-15 family, the Paratus goes much further with an innovative new breakdown design. As DRD Tactical told the Blaze:

“We developed [Paratus 16] in 7.62NATO/.308 caliber, and the AR platform, being so popular, led us to stay with a direct gas operated system. There are 2 utility patent applications filed, one on the internal recoil system and the other on the quick take down barrel design. The internal recoil system eliminates the buffer tube, spring and buffer from a traditional AR15 design, hence allowing it to have a folding stock.”

Sneak Peek: DRD Tactical Arms Paratus Clandestine Breakdown Rifle

CALIBER: .308/7.62×51mm

Sneak Peek: DRD Tactical Arms Paratus Clandestine Breakdown Rifle

(DRD Tactical Arms)




LENGTH: 38″ with stock unfolded

BARREL: Lothar-Walther Stainless Steel (LW50) 16” with 1 in 10 twist


BUTTSTOCK: Magpul Folding, Adjustable

SAFETY SELECTOR: Standard AR15 type



OPERATION: Direct Gas operated Semi-Automatic

While it has all the benefits of gas-operated rifles like the AR-15 and M4, it adds a high level of portability and can be fitted in many configurations. Much of this stems from the rifles original concept as a clandestine operations firearm, first and foremost.

To that end, the Paratus has a quick change barrel that you don’t need any tools to afix, which means switching out barrels in the field is no problem. One could also decide to carry multiple barrels of different lengths for various missions, like short barrels for Close Quarters Battle and long barrels for Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) applications.

The whole Paratus package can fit in a small camera size hard case 16“x 1” x 6″, or be placed in a Halliburton diplomatic attache case. There are also backpack and endless other civilian carry case options. You can see one standard carry configuration below:

Sneak Peek: DRD Tactical Arms Paratus Clandestine Breakdown Rifle

(DRD Tactical Arms)

So how fast can it be assembled from the case? Really fast. In fact, you can see for yourself in video of the Paratus going from breakdown to throwing rounds, courtesy of DRD Tactical:


The Paratus was created with the elite warfighter in mind, but it is now available to civilian gun owners too. As DRD Tactical put it to The Blaze: ”Since we live in a free republic and our fellow citizens can own rifles we will be selling them to the commercial market as we work on demos with [government] personnel.”

For more information on this incredible new rifle, go to DRD Tactical. 

Sneak Peek: DRD Tactical Arms Paratus Clandestine Breakdown Rifle

(DRD Tactical Arms)




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