Dishonest Liberals

Mychal Massie 

Liberals are a dishonest, disingenuous lot and none more so than left-wing wacko minions who subscribe to a variant form of Neo-Leninism.  What I find particularly insulting about them is their intellectual dishonesty when it comes to dealing with persons such as myself.  I’m speaking of both the ruling elite of their Erebusic politics and their minions the next level down.

Out of their mouths they pretend to espouse concern for the individual (especially if the individual is a person of color and/or from some third world pissoir).  But, while these persons are their greatest assets pursuant to accomplishing their goals, they are also cause for their greatest fear.

That fear is the liberation of the minds of those referenced above.  The Neo-Leninists have been successful because they have been able to divide people based on skin color and because they have been able to portray themselves as the champions of oppressed persons of color worldwide.

But to accomplish that, it was necessary for them to have a beachhead to establish an anatomy of polarization, i.e., a great satan – and no country better served their need than America – and no single group of people fit better into their plans than Americans of color.

The authors of this evil and Barmecidal ideology hate America because America represents a freedom that has at its core a belief that God Himself has endowed us with inalienable rights.

America was identified as the enemy because America was God’s beacon of truth and freedom to the world.  The first generation of freed slaves were singled out because they and their progeny could be inculcated with an inferiority mentality based on skin color and a belief that white America (white conservative America, specifically), had essentially robbed them of their birthright.  They expanded that mentality to portray (white) America as the imperialist conqueror engaging in worldwide colonialism.

The greatest threat to their goal of global conquest is persons of color whose minds are and/or have been liberated from the paralyzing shackles of their ideology.  That is why they set upon conservatives of color with such rabid savagery.  It must also be said that the reason persons of color display such raw hostility toward those of us who have not allowed our minds to be imprisoned in the inspissated mire of resentment – is because, although they will not admit it, they resent our being free of said shackles.

Which brings me to Obama.  While he hates Jesse Jackson, and is willing to use Al Sharpton, he views persons of color as useful only to further his Neo-Leninist, anti-colonialist worldview.

And therein lies the intellectual dishonesty that suffocates those I labeled above as minions.  They refuse to realize that they, like the persons of color who embrace victimology and despair, are guilty of perpetuating the very racism and conquest that they decry.

Obama has no loyalty to persons of color, despite what they absurdly have convinced themselves to believe.  They are simply useful idiots in his grand plan.  The leftist minions I address are nothing more than modern day slave hunters looking to keep persons of color on their ideological plantation.

Obama has been anything but truthful about his real intentions, but for those who are willing to factually assess what he has done thus far, his intentions are crystal clear.

But, those leftists who believe themselves to be wise and all-knowing, have bought the Neo-Leninist lies that America is evil as they espouse views critical of our capitalist free-market economy and foment class warfare.

All of this being said, I believe Obama aspires to accomplish three primary objectives: fundamentally change America, collapse America’s economic system to the point that we fall under a world rule, and redistribute America’s wealth in the way and manner that pleases him, consistent with his Neo-Leninist philosophy.

What I’ve said may be difficult for some to believe, but that makes my assertions no less true.  If one listens to what he says and observes what he does as being consistent with what he believes, it is there for all to see.

We have yet to witness the total reality of the road to ruin he has conspired to set us on.  Specific to that point, I disagree with those who opine that four more years of Obama and we won’t have a country left.  But I will say this without hesitation – four more years of Obama without a Congress willing to hold him in check and we’ll have an America we neither recognize nor like.


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