Deploying The Truth

We know Obama has thin skin and he provided proof of same just this morning.

It seems that Hollywood icon and living legend Clint Eastwood’s empty chair skit during the Republican Party Convention didn’t sit well with Obama. The White House is saying that Obama was offended by the skit and that the chair isn’t empty, he’s in it.  Then they tweeted a picture, from behind, of him sitting in an Oval Office chair.

My thoughts are that Obama needs to grow up and stop acting like a petulant, little child.  He needs to learn to laugh at himself.  He has no trouble mocking and laughing at others.  In my opinion, for all the good Obama has done, we would be better off with an empty chair.  In other words — rather an empty chair than an empty suit.

Tangential to that is the apparent Romney campaign theme of disappointment in reference to Obama’s first term.  I’m not disappointed.  I’m appalled and outraged.  In my life, I never could have imagined we would have a leader who was completely committed to fundamentally changing our nation into a Neo-Leninist state.  But what the heck, he has no allegiance to what it took to make America great — because he didn’t build it.

Mychal Massie

Even with Obama sitting in the chair, it’s still empty!!!


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