Obama Only a Fair Weathered Friend

City Councilman Keith Radig said that last summer  when 5 congressmen wrote Obama asking him for help and to visit the flood damaged area of Iowa, Obama ignored the request. Instead, Obama campaigned on the other side of the state, choosing only to speak at the city’s Morningside College.

Obama was more concerned about getting votes against Romney in the upcoming November election, than the people’s needs.

“You could kind of describe Obama as a fair weathered friend — he’s one  that’s only there when he needs something from you. But when we  needed his leadership, he was nowhere to be found. In the Midwest we are  hardworking and determined. We are tired of struggling due to the Obama  policies.”

Last week, only after Romney visited Louisiana victims and toured the damages left by Hurricane Issac, Obama announced he would visit the area as well.

“In light of the president’s travel to Louisiana to meet with local officials  and view ongoing response and recovery efforts to Hurricane Isaac, President  Obama will no longer travel to Cleveland, Ohio on Monday, September 3,” said a  Friday afternoon White House  statement.

The charge is that Obama only sees these victims as political props for votes. source: dailycaller

That charge would be correct and it wouldn’t be the first time!

Wake up People!





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