“Being President reveals who you are.” The only truthful thing Michelle said

Mychal Massie

Michelle Obama was either lying or delusional, or perhaps members of her family were being held hostage, and she was forced to make the outrageous claims she made in her convention speech. Whichever one or all–for people willing to weigh substance and truth over theatrical performance, half-truths and outright lies–her speech was nothing more than an attempt to live the privileged life four more years at the taxpayers’ expense.

Her statement that, “being president doesn’t change who you are, it reveals who you are,” was probably the only purely truthful thing she said all evening. Many of those who voted for him in 2008, based on his nebulous promise of hope and change, have now changed their support to “it’s time to exchange him.”

She said: “Barack knows what it means when a family struggles.” Exactly what struggles did the Obamas have? His grandparents provided a life for him that was absent the real-life struggles many of us had to endure. And, contrary to what they both have said, he inherited nearly $500,000 in bank stocks from his family. They attended the best schools on scholarships. They were adopted into an elite law firm and Bill Ayers’ father was always lurking behind the scenes lending support. They came into office worth approximately $4 million, and according to Michelle’s mother, they are now buying a $35 million dollar estate in Hawaii. And did I mention that they were able to purchase their Chicago home because of the Chicago gangster Tony Rezko?

So, just how much do they have in common with people who have truly struggled? They’ve lived the American Dream alright, but her husband has cursed and condemned those who have actually worked to achieve the American Dream. She said, “[Obama] wants everyone in this country to have that same opportunity, no matter who we are, or where we’re from, or what we look like, or who we love.” Perhaps because of their Neo-Leninist philosophy it has escaped her, but we already have that opportunity. Just ask Mark Zuckerman the creator/founder of Facebook. Just ask every person who was the first person in their family to attend college and then went on to start successful businesses–that her husband told them “they didn’t build.”

Ask the millions of people who are coming here illegally, why they are coming here. They will tell you they are coming here for opportunity that doesn’t exist in their countries. Her idea of achieving the American Dream is the same as her husband’s–it is predicated upon the government; America wasn’t built upon the government it was built upon the backs of exceptional men and women who believed in their inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as provided them by their Creator.

They are the ones who believe those inalienable rights should be dictated by government fiat. It was her husband who promised “to fundamentally change” America. It was she who said she was ashamed of America her entire life, and that only changed when he had won the election.

She said, “Barack has fought so hard to increase student aid and keep interest rates down because he wants every young person to fulfill their promise and be able to attend college without a mountain of debt.” I’m wondering if the people applauding that line actually understood what they were hearing. There are now more than 23 million Americans unemployed and people are graduating from college with no hope of a job commensurate with their degrees.

Going to college for the sake of going to college isn’t the answer to success. In many, if not most, instances today graduating from college, with no job, and student loans, is tantamount to a pyrrhic accomplishment.

According to CNNMoney: “College seniors who took out loans to fund their college education owed an average of $25,250. (Average Student Loan Debt Tops $25,000; 11/3/11) Add to that that many college students graduate with credit card debt, and poor job prospects–and you tell me what Obama has done for them.

The only ones truly profiting from government-backed student loans are the colleges and universities because their money is guaranteed. It is the graduates who are in debt, not knowing how they will pay it off. I wonder how many of the people, applauding that part of her speech, stopped to ask–if things are so rosy, why are so many college graduates living at home? How many of those applauding remembered her telling students that they shouldn’t seek high-paying corporate jobs, or jobs as doctors and lawyers, but that they should seek jobs as social workers and teachers.

I know that my observations and comments will be criticized by those who worship at the foot of Obama’s throne, but that makes them no less true. When her speech is critiqued against the actual facts, it is as vacuous and misleading as his promise of hope and change was.

A Sunday New York Times front page story was just as critical of Obama. The article written by Jodi Kantor said that Obama vastly overrates his capabilities and that he spends extraordinary amounts of time and energy to compete in–trivialities. (SEE: The Competitor in Chief; 9/3/12) Kantor’s article paints a chilling portrait of a man who is unfocused and lost. It is the portrait of a man who spends a lot of time practicing golf, his bowling, three-point shots–and of a man who believes he is smarter than everyone around him and spares no one his telling them said is the case.

But, just as was the case with his wife’s speech, nothing could be further from the truth.

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