Mr. Scam Man

Making fun of presidents, and politicians in general,  has a long history in America. 

Listen to  Dan Roberts sing his political parody of “Mr. Sand Man.”  And, if you’d like to sing along, the lyrics are  below the video.

Mr. Scam Man, where is your dream?

I thought my life would be all peaches and cream.

Now I don’t have a job and I’m out of money,

And moving forward things doesn’t look too sunny.

Scam Man, I’m so alone, don’t have a mortgage to all my own.

So much for the roses and the clover,

I’m using food stamps to feed ole Rover.

Mr Scam Man, we need a cure,

And not a worldwide apology tour.

You’re tearing down our county’s  good reputation,

By trying to make us an Obama-nation.

Scam Man, hey, don’t touch a thing.

Take more vacation time and work on your swing.

We need a president a little wiser,

than a community organizer.

Bumb (repeat) O-Bumber

Scam Man, we can’t forget,

You promised you’d reduce the national debt.

that’s what so many millions gave you their vote for.

A change of your address is all we hope for.

Scam Man, hey you’re breaking our backs,

Is it a penalty or is it a tax?

Only half of us are paying our share. . .that’s fair. . .

He don’t even seem to Obama-care.

We say no, no, no Obama-care. . .Yeah!


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