Worshipping at the Altar of Political Correctness

Political Correctness is a dangerous form of censorship,  it is the suppression of  individual thought and opinion by the ruling “elite.”  Americans have become  paralyzed by political correctness to the point we can’t see the danger in front of our faces.

One case in point is Obama’s attempt to remove the word terrorist from our vocabulary at least when associated with Islam.  Now, of course,  Democrats can still use the word terrorist to  describe conservatives, patriots, tea partiers, Republicans, returning veterans, people who stockpile food, survivalists, and Christians, but God forbid, we associate it with Islam.     To prove that they are not Islamophobic, politicians and some religious leaders have opened all doors to Islam, including those at the White House.  Of course, Obama has enough secret service agents to keep him safe but what about our kids?

Abdullah Faaruuq, a Muslim Imam and chaplain of the Islamic Society of Northeastern University in Boston,  a radical recruiting ground for Islamic terrorists, has finally been given the boot.    But not because of his affiliation with extremists  –  but because of the outcry when a video was released by Americans for Peace and Tolerance showing the world Faaruuq’s real nature – his support for terrorists and his incitement of Boston Muslims against the U.S. government.

The Islamic Society of Northeast University that Farruuq heads has received thousands of dollars in funding from Boston’s Roxbury mega mosque run by the Muslim American Society (MAS), a group federal agents describe as an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood.  For years the extremist nature of The Islamic Society was known.   Until 2010, the ISNU web site recommended a reading list to students that included much of the main canon of modern Jihadist ideology.   Among the suggested authors was Yusef Qaradawi, the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood who for years was listed as trustee of the Roxbury mega mosque and who has on multiple occasions called for the murder of Jews and homosexuals.

In the early 1990s Faaruuq developed an association with Aafia Siddiqui,  aka “Lady al Qaeda,” a Parkistani born, MIT student and one of the most active members of an al Qaeda cell who were followers of Egyptian Blind Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, the convicted mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.  Aafia attended Faaruuq’s Boston mosque and worked with him to distribute Jihadist literature to Massachusetts’s prisons, where Faaruuq also served as a Muslim chaplain.

In 2004 FBI Director Robert Mueller described Aafia as one of the seven most wanted al Qaeda terrorists and in 2008 she was arrested in Afghanistan and charged with the attempted murder of FBI agents.  Found in her position were a number of documents written in Urdu and English describing  the creation of explosives, chemical weapons, Ebola, dirty bombs and radiological agents and a large amount of cyanide.  She also had handwritten notes referring to a “mass casualty attack” listing various NY locations such as the Empire State Building, the Statute of Liberty, Wall Street, NY Subway and the Brooklyn Bridge.   In 2010 she was convicted and sentenced to 86 years.   In lectures around Boston, Faaruuq called on Muslims to defend her because “after they’re finished with Aafai, they’re gonna come to your door.”  He told worshippers to not be afraid to “grab onto the gun and the sword, go out into this world and do you job.”

In 2009, Faaruuq  began supporting another local terrorists, Tarek Mehanna, who was arrested and convicted in April 2012 on terror charges.  Mehanna and his co-conspirator Ahmad Abusamra, a fugitive now residing in Syria, planned to shoot shoppers at the Emerald Square Mall in Attleboro with automatic weapons.  Abusamra’s father was a leader and associate of  Faaruuq at the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center and Ahmad Abusamra, was a student at Northeastern University.  Tarek  Mehanna taught evening classes on Islam at Northeastern University.

Rezwan Ferdaus , a graduate of Northeastern, was  arrested in 2011 and recently plead guilty to plotting to blow up the Pentagon with remote controlled model planes packed with explosives.

In 2011, the Spiritual Life Center at Northeastern hosted  a talk by Norman Finkelstein, an anti-Semitic son of Jewish Holocaust survivors.  Finkelstein denied the true number of Jews killed in the Holocaust, accused Jews of being too rich and claimed that Israel is behaving like the Nazis.

And, it’s not like the college didn’t know about Faaruuq.  Madeleine Estabrook, interim vice president for student affairs at Northeastern responded to email concerns raised:   “We are aware of concerns about our Muslim chaplain. . .However, our interactions with the Imam have been reasonable and appropriate.”   So, as long as he is polite to the college elite, he could be a mass murderer?

Joseph E. Aoun, Northeastern’s president, who undoubtedly was also aware of the terrorist connections to the Islamic Society and Faaruuq, was appointed this spring to an academic board that advises the Department of Homeland Security on how American universities can contribute to anti-terrorism efforts.

So, I think it is reasonable to assume that due to the liberal philosophy of political correctness, had not Americans for Peace and Tolerance released a video of its investigation of Faaruuq  and Northeastern University, Faaruuq would still hold the same position at the University that he has held for the last 15 years.



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