Hillary Clinton’s Top Aide a Muslim Brotherhood Operative

David Holowitz, introduced as an author and ‘civil rights activist’, spoke with Fox News Host Megyn Kelly, who asked what he thought of the police questioning the man (Nakoula Basseley Nakoula) behind the anti-Islam film that [supposedly] caused the recent protest in the Middle East.

“This is one of the most disgraceful moments in the history of the American presidency. There’s no more sacred principle for Americans than that free speech and free expression, Holowitz responded.

If you don’t have the right of expressing your opinion, however hateful it may be…..you don’t have any rights. Americans can not defend all the other rights they have….if they don’t have free speech!

And for the United States government to arrest this man in this context, and make him somehow responsible for these shameful behaviors of Muslims……………Muslims are rioting against a film?…………..Shame on them.

The White House should be defending this film maker and his right to express himself………

And of course this is just a pretext because that Trailor has been on the internet since July……………It’s not about a film………..This is not about a film. This is about a blind Sheik. This is about the rise of Islamic Nazism in Egypt and all these countries…..

An American ambassador has been raped and tortured and murdered and the White House is focusing on or the Justice Department is focusing on a filmmaker. And you have to ask yourself, isn’t it not the fact that the chief adviser on Muslim affairs for Hillary Clinton, our Secretary of State is a Muslim Brotherhood operative and the Obama administration has turned over Egypt to the Muslim Brotherhood which is a Nazi organization….”

Megyn interrupts saying there are questions whether that is true or not as with respect to Hillary Clinton……

Holowitz, with a matter of fact response,  “Well It Is True…………… She worked for 12 years………She’s a Muslim Brotherhood Operative………..”

Megyn asked, “You’re speaking of Anthony Weiner’s wife?”

“Huma Abedin………..” was the last Holowitz could speak before Megyn cut him off.

Holowitz speaks the truth! When will the American people wake up and realize the White House is full of Muslim Brotherhood operatives and sympathizers which include Hillary and Obama.

There is no other reason for Hillary Clinton and Obama to give an admission of guilt and ask forgiveness to these heathen countries unless they agree with them, or are just plain cowards!

Our freedoms are being destroyed as fast as a snowball in Hell and these traitors of God, Freedom and Country remain in authority. When will you wake up America!

Watch the exchange and comment.




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1 comment for “Hillary Clinton’s Top Aide a Muslim Brotherhood Operative

  1. Genii
    September 22, 2012 at 1:55 am

    “Holowitz speaks the truth! When will the American people wake up and realize the White House is full of Muslim Brotherhood operatives and sympathizers which include Hillary and Obama.”

    When will you flag waver hayseeds wake up and stop supporting the Zionist 5th column? Who is thine enemy? Follow the money.

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