Whose Side is Barack Obama On?

Any rational American who sees this clip will not vote for Obama.

The video will have an especially strong impact on Jewish voters. Jews voted overwhelmingly for Obama in 2008, but if they see this video Jews will not vote for Obama again. There are significant blocks of Jewish voters in swing states Ohio and Florida. If these voters see this video, Obama will lose those states.

The producers of “Whose Side is Barack Obama On?,” Jim Greenfield and Jason Schmidt, are willing to co-operate with any individual, PAC, Superpac, or other group that is interested in funding or helping to fund tv spots based on this video in swing state markets. Time is running short so if you’re interested in making this happen please contact Jim or Jason at once at:  jimgreenfieldshow@yahoo.com  or at  jason@fr33dm.com.

It is worth investing 3 minutes to see the video which will bring an end to the Obama Presidency.


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