Defeat Obamacare Senate Candidates

By Neil Stevens

Defeat These (Democrat) Senate Candidates

Claire McCaskill.  Bob Casey Jr.  Sherrod Brown.  Bill Nelson.  Tammy Baldwin.  Tim Kaine.  These Senators and Senate candidates all support or even voted for Obamacare.  Importantly, they all have Republican opponents who have a chance to win, thanks in part to the growing support for Mitt Romney in their swing states.

If we want to defeat Obamacare, it is critical that we elect Republicans to as many Senate seats as we can.  The sad fact is that we can’t just get 50 and hope to win on a reconciliation tiebreak vote cast by Paul Ryan. You never know if the Democrats might find an anti-TEA party Republican who oppose the will of the voters and come to the other side.  So we need to elect as many Republicans as we can.

That means no Republican left behind.  George Allen, Tommy Thompson, Connie Mack, Josh Mandel, Tom Smith, and yes, Todd Akin are six key anti-Obamacare votes we need to elect, along with of course Mitt Romney.

We can only do this if we knock on doors, contact voters, and get out the vote for this important election.  Please help.

An organization at work getting out the vote is American Majority Action.  AMA has opened Liberty Headquarters in the key swing states of Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Florida, covering five of the above six Senate races, in addition to critical electoral votes in the Presidential race.  If you live in or near one of those states, getting in contact with a Liberty Headquarters is a way to make an immediate difference in this election.

If you don’t, you can still help. Phone banking opportunities exist, or there will surely be local get out the vote opportunities in your area. Please find them if at all possible.

Not everyone lives in a swing area. Not everyone realistically has time to spend a few hours walking precincts.  Please consider it, though.  This election matters, and visits at people’s doors are consistently demonstrated to have a much greater impact than any other form of outreach.

We’re either getting a trick or a treat when the Obamacare repeal vote comes up in the Senate in 2013. How many doors we knock will decide that.

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