Leftist Susan Rice – Secretary of State?

Word is out that Obama is favoring U.N. Ambassador  Susan Rice as a replacement for Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, when she leaves office to pursue her 2016 ambition of becoming the first far-left socialist female president of the U.S.

It is no wonder that Obama would favor Rice.  Her assertion that the events of the death of American citizens at the Libyan “outpost” was caused by some amateur video proves she can look Americans in the eye and  lie with the best of Obama’s group of lefty loonies.

Rice has a long history with the Democratic left. 

During the 1988 presidential campaign, she served as  a foreign policy aide to Michael Dukakis.

From 1993 to 97 Rice served in the Clinton administration in various positions, during which time  Madeline Albright was her best bud and mentor.   You remember Madeline Albright – she helped convince dear Bill to hold off any military action against al-Qaeda or the Taliban in Afghanistan, who were sheltering, them after the terrorist attack against the USS Cole  that killed 17 American sailors.  Madeline didn’t want to offend Muslims.

Rice’s  “major” accomplishment with the Clinton Administration was in helping to convince Bill, in 1996,  to turn down the Sudan’s offer to turn over Osama bin Laden on the reasoning that since they had a poor human-rights record, we should shun them.  Osama subsequently  moved his operation to Afghanistan where he masterminded the 9/11 attacks.

Rice moved to the Brookings Institution’s Foreign Policy and Global Economy and Development programs in 2002.  The Brookings Institution –  the left’s think-tank, that regularly conspires with the United Nations on issues such as a U.N. dominated world government, a global cap and trade tax, global tax on banking and financial transactions, nationalized healthcare, etc., and still manages to call themselves “non-partisan.”

Rice was John Kerry’s foreign policy advisor during his presidential run in 2004 and still managed time to co-author an academic article that postulated that  terrorism is  “a threat born of both oppression and deprivation.”

She shunned her old friend Hillary Clinton in 2008 by working on Obama’s campaign as foreign policy advisor.  As soon as the big O won, he appointed Rice as our U.N. Ambassador and upgraded the position to cabinet level.

Rice’s beliefs are in line with the rest of Obama’s far-left loony administration.

  • She wants U.S. taxpayers to fund nearly $100 billion a year of new development aid programs run by the U.N.’s Millennium Development Project, which is nothing more than a massive wealth redistribution scheme.
  • Rice wants the  U.S. military to  intervene as part of a U.N. peacekeeping force in African conflicts, especially in the Sudan.  According to Rice, if the U.N. refuses to participate  – the U.S. should act alone.
  • She pushed Obama to support a U.N. investigation against Israel on the boarding of a Palestinian ship on the Gaza flotilla that Israel said contained 40 Turkish jihadist.
  • She is adamant that  for decades Israel has undermined security and violated international commitments.
  • She cautions against using the military to counter global Islamic terrorism because it isn’t an existential threat to our freedom.
  • As U.S. Ambassador to the U.N, Rice  helped put homosexual rights on the agenda.

Rice is a big backer of ObamaCare, loves the United Nations and supports population control through abortion.  Sounds pretty much like Hillary doesn’t she?

Rice is on the board of trustees of the Aspen Strategy Group operated by the Aspen Institute, who believes that U.S. history is an unbroken narrative of injustices, that big government is the best remedy for social and economic problems, and that the U.S. is a nation rife with deep seated structural racism – all funded with the big bucks of George Soros.   Rice also serves as a board member of the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, an agency that has been caught repeatedly giving aid to terrorists and she is a member of the Council of Foreign Affairs.

Senator John McCain said he will do whatever is necessary to block her nomination even if it meant a filibuster.  “She’s not qualified.”   Since when has being qualified ever bothered the Senate in approving of Obama’s nominees?


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