Is Obama Coming For Our Guns?

Many people, including myself, have predicted that the re-election of Barack  Obama will lead to the destruction of America as we knew it.  We believe  that he is using policies such as Obamacare to bring about the financial  collapse of our once great nation and that he will use his emergency powers to  declare martial law and seize dictatorial control of the nation.

Obama has never hidden his anti-gun agenda, although he did do his best to avoid  the topic during the debates and his many campaign appearances.  In one of  the debates, he did mention  his desire to see a ban on assault weapons to  be re-established.

Some are questioning whether or not Obama will actually push to ban all firearms  or just assault weapons.  If so, how would be go about it?  He’s been  using regulations and executive orders to bypass Congress on other important  issues including immigration, so why wouldn’t he try to do the same with  guns?  He knows he could not get any kind of anti-gun legislation passed  through the Republican controlled House, so he most likely will have to use some  kind of subtle or secretive method to accomplish it.

Over the past couple of years, gun  sales have seen a dramatic increase.  In fact, it is one of the few  industries that have actually benefitted by Obama’s presidency.  Last  Christmas, saw a huge jump in background checks which hit the 1.5  million mark.  In the six days prior to Christmas, there were 500,000  requests for background checks.   In the month prior to the election, background checks for prospective gun buyers  was up  by 18.4%.

So why are so many people buying so many guns?  Some say they are buying  them now before the government forbids anymore sales.  Yet others are  saying that they are stocking up on weapons, ammunition and food in preparation  of America’s collapse.

I heard from one person who said they believe that America will fall under Obama  and the country will go into complete chaos.  Food and supplies will become  scarce causing millions to riot and loot and steal from others.  He said  that he intends on protecting his family, his house and supplies from any and  all intruders.  He also said that he expects government forces to start  confiscating firearms and when they come to his house, it’s going to be a battle  to the death.

No matter how you look at it, these are dangerous and scary times and it seems  that it’s going to get a lot worse in the foreseeable future.

Read Da Tagliane’s article in full at this link.

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