Audacity of Eric Holder


Attorney General Eric Holder, during a talk on gun control with United States  mayors on Friday, said that the U.S. government will consider “imposing tough  penalties on gun traffickers who help funnel weapons to dangerous  criminals.”

After going over Obama’s executive orders issued Wednesday, Holder said, “The  administration has called upon Congress to renew legislation banning  high-capacity magazines, including those used in recent high profile mass  shootings, to protect our police by getting rid of armor piercing bullets, to  pass a new ‘assault weapons ban,’ updated and stronger than the one enacted in  1994 to keep military style weapons off of our streets.”

But Holder wasn’t finished.  In fact, I’m actually surprised the mayors  attending didn’t fall out of their chair laughing at his next words.  He  continued, “…to consider a series of new federal laws imposing tough penalties  on gun traffickers who help funnel weapons to dangerous criminals.”

Can anyone take this guy seriously?  Fast and Furious, hello!  Holder was held in contempt of Congress for not providing documentation  in knowingly trafficking weapons across the Mexican border into the hands of “dangerous criminals.”  Holder is facing a civil lawsuit by Congress in this matter.  Holder’s behind  was covered by Barack Hussein Obama in this matter via executive privilege.  His own ATF can’t properly get violations of gun laws properly  prosecuted.

I’ll give him warning.  Be careful of implementing “tougher penalties on gun  traffickers” as you just may find yourself facing those penalties.

He then had the audacity to say that “These measures represent essential  parts of any serious comprehensive effort to eradicate gun violence.”

No, actually these “measures” are nothing more than a blatant attack on the  Second Amendment, masked in the emotional verbiage of the deaths of children and “protecting our police officers.”  It would be nice for a change to hear our  representatives and those who serve in government stand for once and declare the  Second Amendment is about arms.  It’s about being able to put down foreign and  domestic enemies and it’s not to be tampered with simply because the Federal  government was moronic enough to pass a piece of legislation that made certain  places “Gun Free Zones.”  No, essential parts of any serious comprehensive  effort to eradicate gun violence is for government to stop messing with the  Second Amendment and deal with what it’s supposed to be doing and that is  abiding by the Constitution.

source: freedomoutpost


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