We Will Never Surrender Our Guns

Letter to Obama “We The People”

Mr. Obama,

What part of ”SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” do you not get? Actually you and your  ilk know very well what that means, you just don’t like it. You’re trying to  dupe ”We the People” out of our God given right to protect ourselves against  your regime. Look in the mirror Mr. Obama. Do you see God?

The inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness includes  the right of the people to bear arms. The founders of our great Constitution  knew that folks like you would come along. Our Constitution which you declared ‘fundamentally flawed’ legally secured these rights many years ago. The right to  bear arms is not up for debate. The Constitution, the ‘Law of the Land’, shall  prevail and the 2nd amendment will stand regardless of your foolish attempt to ‘change’ it.

To control the narrative though, you and yours are using ‘distraction’ as a  tactic to mask your true agenda. But not all of your ‘subjects’ will fall for  your deception. There are two main distractions we’ve identified. One  distraction misdirects us to the argument of which kinds of arms and accessories  etc. we should be legally allowed, while the other one misdirects us to the ‘legal’ relationship between such things as the Supremacy clause, the Commerce  clause, Congressional and Executive powers, Nullification, the 10th, 14th and  2nd amendments. These distractions define your ‘sleight of hand’. Here’s some  bad news for you and yours, Mr. President, it won’t work. Your distractions are  being recognized as such by increasing numbers of Americans every day. You won’t  get away with disarming ‘We the People’!

It ‘s true that some unsuspecting citizens have taken the bait and are  engaging in conversation about what may become socially acceptable limits on the  2nd amendment. We hear arguments about what kinds of firearms and magazine  limitations your ‘subjects’ should be allowed under your regime. Some lawmakers  are unable to resist these tactics and are proposing ‘feel good’ legislation  which would only whittle away at our right to bear arms and assist you in  achieving your ultimate goal. Your administration is nothing if it isn’t  transparent. ‘We the people’ are drawing attention back to the real issue before  us. Your administration is employing incrementalism and distraction in order to  deny law abiding, American patriots our right to bear arms, any arms if you get  your way!

In case you missed it earlier, the 2nd amendment is not up for debate. The  Constitution did not ‘grant’ Americans the right to bear arms. It just ‘legally’ secured that right and only through due process can citizens be denied their  legal rights. Your anti-Constitutional declarations, executive orders or any  other legislative action contradicting the 2nd amendment will never fly!

You and yours are burning the very Constitution you promised to preserve,  protect and defend. History will not look fondly upon a President who at every  opportunity tested the will of the people. We Americans recognize and will  defend our rights. You’ve managed to make this the critical issue of our  time.

Remember when you said ”They cling to guns err religion err” as part of your  lecture on how the bitter small town folks in the Midwest deal with hardship?  There are plenty of Americans in and beyond the Midwest who understand why the  2nd amendment is so important. History shows that there have been many millions  of innocent, unsuspecting citizens murdered by tyrants who successfully disarmed  them. Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Castro are a few of the tyrants on that list. A  question on the minds of many Americans is whether your name, Mr. Obama, will be  added to that list.

The enumerated powers of Congress in article 1 of the Constitution do not  include infringement of the 2nd amendment, and neither do the powers of the  President. The Supremacy and Commerce clauses do not negate the right to bear  arms, nor does the 10th amendment. It would be just as unconstitutional for a  state to deprive its people of the right to bear arms as it would be for  Congress or you to do so. Millions of gun owning, law abiding citizens across America  won’t allow you or anyone else to deprive them of their 2nd amendment right. ‘We  the people’ recognize the great sacrifices of those who’ve defended our  Constitution and will not let their sacrifices be in vain. We stand with the  founders of the Constitution and shall retain our God given right to bear  arms!


‘We the People’

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