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The Sale of Unrealistic Expectations


I’m not a thoroughbred aficionado, but have read sports pages enough over the years to know that Genuine Risk was one of the greatest running fillies of all time, which provides a natural transition to discuss the table manners of Michelle Obama during the foofaraw of last week’s “coronation.”  There she was, eating like she had the feedbag on, and wolfing down food in a way that sparked wonder whether the finest meal she’d ever had previously was at Popeye’s Fried Chicken.

Her demeanor and behavior in general was so unbecoming a First Lady it was both an affront to the station she’s attained through marriage as it was to horses everywhere, and the eye-rolling-disgust during a conversation between the president and Speaker Boehner was mindful of a high school- clique prima donna, exemplifying unadulterated disdain for someone she clearly deemed to be beneath her, which begs the question, just who does she believe herself to be?

A new hair-do does not make her Jacqueline Kennedy, for she’s really just another vicarious harpy reminiscent of Hillary Clinton with respect to her owly nature and arrogant disposition, and one who categorically would have felt intimidated by being in a room with either Mrs. Bush.  Collegiality is obviously not a word with which she is familiar and her behavior is clinically xenophobic, and while I loathe the politics of Obama and Boehner alike because they are merely opposite sides of the same filthy coin, it is indeed possible that they have a working relationship and do not detest one another, and that just doesn’t pass muster with the someone who fancies herself queen.  She has yet to utter the phrase, “Let them eat cake,” but only because she intends to hoard it all for herself.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton, aka The Shill, transformed herself during Congressional Foreign Relations hearings on the Benghazi rapes and assassinations, to Hill the Shrill, screeching at congressmen who deigned to ask for clarification on blatant inconsistencies, which are part of a rampant obfuscation brewed jointly between the Department of State and the Oval Office, and in so doing created a novel, legal defense tactic, for it now appears no matter how guilty and irresponsible one’s actions are, all one must ask rhetorically is “What difference, at this point, does it make?” and away go troubles down the drain.

The paucity of her defense and hysterical babbling is a pattern she’s repeated successfully for decades and reflects an icy ruthlessness.  She is bereft of conscience, lies as a condition of her existence, has a litany of unethical practices attached to her legal career, and pulls out the wronged-woman routine on cue every time her feet are held to the fire.  What’s worse, she’s now added the cranky Grand Dame to her repertoire of crassness and multiple personalities, and copped a doughy, pudgy, grandmotherly personae in front of the committees, bespectacled and flapping hands which looked eerily like paws, and displaying the evasiveness and unsoundness of mind one normally sees during the onset of Alzheimer’s.   She wasn’t wearing a crown, hadn’t gotten bangs, but to be clad so conspicuously in a shade of green notably associated with Islam made me want to pull an Elvis and destroy my TV.

And in the center ring of this circus stands President Obama, who delivered an inauguration speech of which Nikita Khrushchev would have been proud, not only for its anti-American, anti-capitalism and inflammatory tenor but its wide-ranging bellicosity, replete with knitted eyebrow scowl and flaring nostrils.  The only thing he forgot to do was bang the podium with his shoe.  According to the text of a speech the Speaker gave Wednesday at the Ripon Society, Mr. Obama told him while the Armageddon economic clock ticked, “Boehner, we don’t have a spending problem.  We have a health care problem.”   Cue the Twilight Zone theme.  Fearless Leader obviously believes in gnomes and Big Foot, and I’m not referring to the Michelle this time.

We now know the name of Obama’s songbook:  “Communism Unplugged” and it’s available at news outlets everywhere.  His inauguration speech indicates he considers the Constitution an unnecessary nuisance in much the same way our enemies harbor resentment to our once great country because their foreign ideologies teach them to hate what they cannot have or comprehend, and it is with this inbred hostility based on greed and envy that Obama continues to entice one half of the country at the expense of alienating the other half which rests on solid proof that more government is not a solution and instead the source of the problem.

Obama’s gambit is directed at dependence not advancement, derived from a centralized government philosophy as opposed to one of an inclusive dialogue which would unite the country.  It is an emotional appeal to weakness in lieu of encouraging personal growth and responsibility, and is diametrically opposed in tone and purpose to anything, any other president has ever advocated for the nation, for its unmistakable aim is to lure in more suckers with unaffordable “gifts” in exchange for personal freedom and their souls.   Without historical precedent, it demonizes capitalism and makes it clear that success should be punished and productivity pillaged as opposed to nurtured, and exposes an alarming reluctance to embrace free enterprise or a profound ignorance to comprehend its benefits.  Regardless, the aim defined is ultimate government domination and it is clear that he will load the Supreme Court with like-minded neo-Leninists who share a contempt for the Constitution, and will trample any liberties necessary in pursuit of an anti-American agenda by siphoning resources for his vision of a Statist Utopia.

Lastly, a simple two part question for the yammering anti-gun dreamers:  Did you ever study Prohibition and did it stop the manufacturing and sale of alcohol?  No sense in embarrassing yourselves, so I’ll answer for you:  “NO, and NO.”  It’s clear that legal gun owners and law-abiding citizens are the target of government oppression, confiscation, and dissolution of Second Amendment protection, while the same group of apparatchiks have simultaneously enabled a gateway to thrive through which guns, drugs, and illegal aliens enter the country from Mexico, even to the extent of arming a foreign criminal element in order to further their poorly-veiled ambition of creating a crisis instead of heading one off preemptively.  It is a blend of hypocrisy, wrapped in lunacy, and grants a wish to enemies who can’t wait to watch our demise from within after we’ve held their threats from afar at bay for centuries.

And leading the parade is a president so overtly consumed with malice toward Christian and American values that it emanates from his pores like sarin gas, while he glowers and advocates more policies to accelerate the economic death spiral.

That’s right, Mr. President.  If you can’t fix it with a hammer, it must be an electrical problem.

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