PC Police Set The Talking Points On Amnesty

01The P.C. Police have given Republican lawmakers their talking points to guilt, trick or deceive  the “peasants” into accepting amnesty.

A Hispanic organization connected to the Republican Party is circulating a set of “dos and don’ts” for lawmakers on Capitol Hill when talking about immigration reform to help keep Republicans on message  and keep them from using the sort of “insensitive rhetoric” that has turned off Latino voters to the GOP over the last decade.

Republican lawmakers are ordered to:

  • Use phrases as “our current immigration system is broken” and “we need to fix it.”
  • Never, never, never acknowledge that you might be against amnesty.
  • Never use the term illegal alien or anchor baby.  Instead give the peasants something less inflammatory as “undocumented immigrant.”
  • Sell  “earned legal status’ to fool the peasants into thinking its okay to break the law and then get rewarded.
  • Never  say this reform is a “pathway to citizenship.”
  • Use phrases such as the  “enforcement of our borders with more patrols, technology and building fences where it makes sense.”
  • Never label “earned legal status” as amnesty.
  • Never characterize all Hispanics as undocumented immigrants and all undocumented immigrants as Hispanic.
  • And most of all,  never  reference Ronald Reagan’s immigration reform law (without pointing out),  that Reagan’s  legislation was true amnesty;  in addition, border security, fixing our visa system, and a temporary worker program were parts of the reform which were never implemented.”

As you can see they are helping Republicans lie  – not that they really need any help.   It is as bad as Obama referring to illegals  as “people just like us” and “we were once” in their shoes.

Sorry P.C. freaks.  My family came to this country as legal immigrants, along with thousands and thousands of other legal immigrants, who joined together to make this land into a Nation that survived through the rule of law.

If you snuck across the border,  if you overstayed your Visa – you broke our laws  –  you are not undocumentedyou are an illegal alien.     Get Over It!


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