Letter To The Southern Poverty Law Center


I find it pretty amazing that the Southern Poverty Law Center missed the entire communist plot to overthrow the United States. It didn’t take me that long to find the information about the communist revolution in Hawaii in 1949. Everything I ever wanted to know about a communist plot to overthrow the United States, was right there in the Saturday Evening Post, Feb. 2, 1952.

Everybody in America knew that the communists were trying to take over the Democratic Party.

The Communist Party of America began in the White community. These White “folks,” as Obama likes to say, wanted to bring civil rights to the ethnic minorities. However, their version of civil rights, is much different than the Constitution.

Their version of civil rights is totalitarianism. The benevolent State makes all the decisions for them. Frankly, minorities are better off in a monarchy.

One of the more clever tactics of communist organizers, is to accuse innocent White people of racism. You’re sitting there minding your own business, and some communist nut job comes up and starts accusing you of racism, because they don’t want to play into your agenda.

I was called a racist about a month ago, because I refused to sign a petition to recall Sheriff Joe Arpio. Communists have been showing up all over Phoenix with petitions, calling people racists if they refuse to sign. I had a shouting match with one of them, and attracted a lot of attention. The crowed started laughing, and he took his petition and left.

Now I have an entire communist cell following me around Phoenix. Several of the more brave communists came up and wanted me to explain why I am so vehemently against communists.

Why? I have friends who were Holocaust survivors, who described in detail what the communists did to them after they were freed from the camps. So anybody who wants to be a communist, better consider what just happened in Boston. Be prepared to watch the United States fall into factions and violence, because communists see the general population as “collateral damage.” Communists fuel hate.

I don’t see a single communist on the Hate Map. And frankly, I’ve heard some pretty hateful things about minorities coming from the mouths of White communists.

Either start putting the communists on the Hate Map, or stop asking for donations. And you can start with 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and Bill Ayers.

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