Another Over-Hyped Pandemic Flu Drill

FLU SHOTSIf we are to believe recent reports, a new more easily transmittable strain of bird flu has emerged in China, reportedly killing 22 people since its discovery in March.   According to a World Health Organization (WHO) spokesperson, the strain is far more lethal than another strain of bird flu that has “killed hundreds” since 2003. 

Every few years, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and related agencies drum up another flu emergency; each promised to be worse than the last, and this year you’re likely to start hearing a lot more about “lethal bird flu” again.

While it’s prudent to be aware that a pandemic involving a  mutated, lethal microorganism is possible, what we’ve seen in the past has been a massively over-sold dangerous hoax  that has allowed drug companies to rake in billions for fast-tracked, inadequately tested vaccines and other dangerous ineffective anti-viral drugs, that have ended up hurting a greater number of people than actually succumb to the viral infection.

An estimated 125,000  people die each year in the US from prescription medications taken correctly as  prescribed. And in just six years (from 2006 to 2013), more than 100 deaths were reported after vaccination with  the HPV vaccine Gardasil

Each time a new influenza virus is  identified, we’re supposed to “do the right thing” without asking any questions – meaning, “just get your damn vaccine,” as so bluntly stated by NBC’s Dr.  Nancy Snyderman during the 2009 swine flu pandemic debacle.  That wouldn’t  be such a problematic demand were it not for the fact that pandemic flu  vaccines are virtually untested in adequate clinical trials before they are  released to the public, and therefore carry unknown risks over and above the  “normal” risk you take with any vaccination.

Pandemic vaccines are among the most high-profit and low-risk business  ventures for vaccine makers. They stand to make billions of dollars while being completely shielded from liability if the vaccine turns out to be  hazardous, like it did in  2009.  Not to mention that drug companies save a ton of money on development.  With a call from WHO for fast-tracked vaccines, the drug companies can duck under the FDA standard, pre-licensing testing regulations and skip most drug testing.  It’s a win-win for liability free vaccines that assure big profits and low risk, unless you happen to be the person harmed by the drug.

In 2006 Congress passed the “Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP) as part of the “Bioshield” Big Pharma lobbied so hard for.  The PREP Act removes your right to a trial jury in a  civil court unless you can provide clear evidence of willful misconduct by the  vaccine maker that resulted in death or serious physical injury, but only after you apply for and receive “permission” to sue by the Department of Health and Human Services.

The most problematic aspect of the PREP Act is that it removed all financial incentive to make a safe product. In fact, vaccine makers now have a negative incentive to test it for safety, because if they become aware of any potential problem before releasing it to the public, they could potentially be held liable for willful misconduct!  As long as they can prove they “didn’t know” of any problem — a statement widely used during the 2009/2010 season — they will not be liable for damages. Hence it’s in their best interest to know as little as possible about the adverse reactions it might cause.

While mass vaccination policies are made at the federal level,  vaccine laws are made at the state level.  It is at the state level where your action to protect your vaccine choice rights can have the greatest impact.  It is critical for EVERYONE to stand up for their legal right to make vaccine choices,  because those choices are being threatened by lobbyists representing drug companies, medical trade associations and public health officials, who are trying to persuade legislators to strip all vaccine exemptions from public health laws, forcing everyone to be vaccinated against any flu hoax the WHO or the federal government aided and abetted by Big Phama can dream up.

Whether or not you chose to be vaccinated against the latest “pandemic” is up to you.  If you have a compromised immune system, you have to weigh the benefit against the possible side effects.  But for those that are healthy, why in the world would you want to deliberately put aluminum, formaldehyde and mercury, along with God knows what, into your body to protect against a flu pandemic that may or may not be real?


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