Willful Ignorance Or Incompetence?

02The White House is responsible for nothing and they don’t know about anything going on in their government. Is Obama willfully ignorant  or is he totally incompetent?

They didn’t know about the DOJ’s covert seizure of the Associated Press’s phone records until today, Monday, the 13th.  According to press secretary Jay Carney, “the phone records story was a Justice Department affair” and Obama didn’t know about it until he read press accounts.

The White House also didn’t know about the IRS targeting conservatives, people who want limited government or disagree with the government. President Obama didn’t know. He found out last Friday with the rest of us.

President Obama didn’t know that Benghazi was an al Qaeda attack. He thought it had something to do with a video protest gone awry even though the intelligence community knew it was a terror attack on the night of the attack.

The White House didn’t know that terror training camps were sprouting up all around the Benghazi consulate and they didn’t know about the 200+ attacks in Libya prior to the attack.  The White House didn’t know about the security requests. Joe Biden told us that they weren’t told more security had been requested.

Obama didn’t know his BFFs Jay-Z and Beyonce were going to Communist Cuba on holiday. He doesn’t know how they got the visa to go.

The White House said that in the Boston terror attack there was no indication of terrorist activity. They didn’t know about the Russians’ warnings to us about Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

The White House didn’t know about the thousands of illegals who were recently released from prison by Janet Napolitano as part of the faux sequester cuts.

The White House absolutely didn’t deceive over the impact of sequester. They didn’t know anything. The White House said they didn’t cancel the White House tours – it was the Secret Service.

The White House didn’t know anything about the Petraeus scandal. Obama  conveniently learned about it the Wednesday after the election. The DOJ was investigating the Director of the CIA  but the White House didn’t know.

The White House didn’t know about the Fast & Furious operation.

The White House didn’t know about the SEC/Goldman Sachs charges until after they were made public.

The White House didn’t know it had ordered General Stanley McChrystal to ”Defeat the Taliban. Secure the Population.”

The White House didn’t know that Jon Corzine was a raging incompetent. In fact, Joe Biden said that he was the first one they called when they had a financial question.

The White House didn’t know a Mao Tse-Tung ornament was hanging on their Christmas tree for three years in a row though it was mentioned each year.

In 2011, Barack Obama told Bob Woodward that he regretted criticizing Paul Ryan at his budget speech last year. Obama said he would not have attacked Paul Ryan if he would have known Ryan was going to attend the speech. It’s quite miraculous that Obama didn’t know because Obama personally invited Paul Ryan to hear his speech.

Barack Obama didn’t know Bill Ayers was a domestic terrorist even though they were colleagues and Ayers launched Obama’s career.

Obama didn’t know about Jeremiah Wright’s anti-white, anti-Jewish rants even though he sat in his church for 20 years.

Obama  didn’t know that a member of a terrorist Muslim group was invited to the White House for a meeting with senior aides. Barack just didn’t know.

The White House said the Churchill bust wasn’t sent back and then they said they didn’t know it was sent back.

You can read Sara Noble’s article in full at this link.

“Obama entire presidency has rested on the pitch that Americans should trust him. If he hasn’t created jobs, that’s because he hasn’t had enough power to do so — trust him with more power, and he’ll take care of you. If he hasn’t lowered healthcare costs, that’s because Obamacare hasn’t been fully implemented by that discriminatory IRS — trust him with more power, and he’ll make sure you’re cared for.  If the entire Middle East has been transformed into a Muslim Brotherhood hotbed, that’s because Obama hasn’t had bipartisan support for his foreign policy — elect him a Congressional majority in 2014, and he’ll fix the problem. Even if the American people were to embrace his policies, there is no guarantee he’d be in control of the agencies charged with implementing them. After all, he’s been an absentee landlord for the entire executive branch for five years now.”  Ben Shapiro 

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