Gov’t Stealing the Innocence of Children

The Health and Human Services’ (X rated)website , is targeting young girls with sexual feel good tips that sadly includes perversion.

Under the “About” section, the website is described as “helping girls (ages 10 to 16) learn about health, growing up, and issues they may face, giving them reliable and useful health information in a fun, easy-to-understand way”.

Under the heading “Body” on the home page, by clicking the “Your Sexuality” tab, then “Dealing with Dating and Sexual Feelings”  a link appears which ask “Could I be Gay?” holds nothing back as it covers every type of sexual behavior with different orifices of the body while assuring them….”You’re Beautiful”.

This article is not to tell parents how to raise their children, but to warn parents how government is encouraging and enticing your daughters into damning sexual activity. So unless you want a promiscuous daughter (or worse) living in your home by the age of 11, this is one website I’d block with the rest of the porn.

For more explicit details about this website click here.

Don’t you find it interesting that government loathes cigarettes, alcohol, fatty foods, candy and sodas but are willing participants in your children’s moral decay?



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