Russian Troops To Provide Security On U.S. Soil

000Every since the release of State Department Publication 7277, a blueprint for the use of  U.S. and Russian forces on U.S. soil under a  United Nations led global government, Americans have worried that Russian forces would ignore America’s laws if it came to any confrontation.

According to Paul Watson of Infowars  under an agreement signed just last week between the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry and FEMA, Russia will provide security at any event Homeland Security deems to be a National Special Security Event.  In the past these events have included the Super Bowl, and  presidential inaugurations, etc.

Those at the meeting also agreed that the U.S. and Russian will increase their cooperation “in order to respond efficiently to all kinds of disasters.”

The use of foreign troops as law enforcement inside the U.S. is illegal under Posse Comitatus, even though  foreign troops have been training on U.S. soil to deal with “insurgents” since the late 1990’s as part of “urban warfare drills.” 

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