Egypt, The Muslim Brotherhood & Obama

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Mychal Massie

I had an interesting conversation with a Syrian friend. My friend explained that not only was Obama’s handpicked successor to Hosni Mubarak an evil monster but also that Obama was fully aware Mohamed Morsi was part of the Muslim Brotherhood (a known and documented terrorist organization).

My friend explained in brutal detail the types of atrocities that Morsi and the Muslim brotherhood were guilty of, including beating and raping women, seizing personal property, committing murders, and implementing Sharia Law – and trust me, he was demonstrably more graphic than I’ve been.

My friend was adamant that the Egyptians knew this, as did the rest of the Middle East, and even more important, Obama knew it, too.

The question America should be asking is, why would Obama knowingly orchestrate the downfall of Hosni Mubarak who although not without leadership qualities alien to our culture nonetheless kept peace in his corner of the world and allowed for the protection of Israel’s border? Why would Obama return the bust of Winston Churchill, refuse to attend the funeral services for Margaret Thatcher, and prop up a known merciless dictator who was openly antagonistic to Israel and the United States?

What would compel an American leader to do same? The question that we must now wait to have answered is, will Obama deploy American troops and resources to provide relief and security for Morsi, the crazed Muslim dictator?

If Obama provides American troops and assets to protect Morsi, after personally allowing Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods to be brutally murdered without lifting so much as a finger to help them, swift actions should be taken to remove him from office.

I can understand (albeit I certainly do not agree with) Obama’s not congratulating the Egyptian people for taking back the control of their country. But, what would make him threaten to cut off aid and support to the Egyptian military for daring to defy his personal orders that they should not interfere?

As my friend said, the Egyptian people slapped Obama in the face. My question is, will the rest of the world follow suit? Another question is, how will Obama handle his self-perceived authority being challenged? We’ve observed his petulance here when he hasn’t gotten his way, but how will he handle this smack-down?

In 2008, Obama accused President George W. Bush of creating a zeitgeist that compelled the world to hate us. Bush didn’t make the Middle East hate us. Middle Eastern potentates respect men who mean what they say and say what they mean. But since Obama charaded his way into office he has personally done more to undermine the world image of America than even Carter.

Obama not only invaded Libya without Congressional authorization but he helped also orchestrate the downfall of the Libyan President, Muammar Gaddafi. Gaddafi was neither nice nor benevolent, but he could be counted upon to do our bidding when the need arose.

Obama has meddled in Middle Eastern affairs and orchestrated the toppling of long-standing governments that were more inclined to side with America than against us. He has shown blatant favoritism for the most despotic Sharia-oriented Muslims in the Middle East while showing unambiguous disdain for the people (Muslims included) made to suffer under their brutal tyranny.

Obama is, without question, a mendacious, narcissistic sociopath, but does that contribute to his support for the most despotic anti-American hostiles in the Middle East? What is his quid pro quo for having these elements triumph? Whatever said is, we as Americans should be very concerned.

Those of us old enough will recall that Carter’s betrayal of Mohammad Pahlavi gave almost immediate rise to the Ayatollah Khomeini, which ushered in the destabilizing of Iran and the Middle East.

What does Obama tell malevolent dictators in private? What did he promise Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood? What secret agenda did Obama bring with him that goes beyond his promise to “fundamentally change America”?

Whatever his reasons (apart from, at the very least, being a Muslim sympathizer), one thing is worth bearing in mind. The Muslim ruling families he deposed have children, and they are children with a lot of money. They are children with a lot of money raised in a culture where the holding of grudges is sacrosanct.

History has shown that chickens sooner or later come home to roost. Obama can deny his involvement and evil misdeeds, and the mainstream media can attempt to shield him – but the truth is he has transmogrified America for the worse and he has destabilized the world – and he cannot blame President Bush for that.

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