Obama’s War On Coal: ALL PAIN – NO GAIN

coalRegulations from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Department of Interior, and the Department of Labor labeled Obama’s “war on coal” should be called a “war on American families, businesses and jobs.”   Unnecessarily and artificially eliminating coal as a reliable, affordable energy source would dramatically harm the economy.

Obama’s new EPA Carbon regulations will close power plants, raise electric rates on families and businesses while producing NO changes in the earth’s temperature.  And, regardless of the effect this will have on American lives – Obama is determined to inflict these new regulations on an already stagnant economy.

The Science and Public Policy Institute found that if we gave up all fossil fuels, global temperatures would decrease only by 0.17 Celsius by 2100.  Considering that temperatures have not increased in the last fifteen years, the U.N. global warming scam produced more fraud than science,  there is no general consensus on global warming, and climate change is nothing more than the weather  –  Is it worth destroying our lives for a decrease of  0.17 C eighty-seven years from now?

Think about it – everything you buy, everything you eat, everything you wear – was produced by using fossil fuels.

Under Obama’s plan, whether it’s regulating appliances through a smart grid or eliminating coal to produce electricity – will cost you more.   Driving, buying a new car, heating and cooling your home, turning on the lights, your computer, your television, or just taking a hot bath could well be conveniences of the past.

Think bigger!  What will it mean to you if Obama’s war on coal also hikes natural gas prices by  42%.  Natural gas not only is a source of electric generation, but other gases extracted from natural gas provide a feedstock for fertilizers, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, waste water treatment, food processing, fueling industrial boilers, etc.

Significantly reducing coal’s share in America’s energy mix would, before 2030:

  • Destroy more than 500,000 jobs,
  • Cause a family of four to lose more than $1,000 in annual income, and
  • Increase electricity prices by 20 percent or more.

Even worse, the Americans forced into unemployment lines and those paying higher energy prices couldn’t even claim that their suffering is helping to save the planet.

The war on coal provides no hope for the economy and little change in the earth’s temperature. Not quite the hope and change Obama promised but it is the hope and change we have come to expect.

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