Bribing a Lobbyist

Freedomoutpost – Washington, D.C. delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton left a voicemail for a lobbyist  attempting to get money. Her intentions were clear in the voicemail that was  released by the lobbyist.

Eleanor Holmes Norton touts her long career along with all of the spending of   “stimulus” money she is engaged in, including a three building Homeland  Security  project (I thought the administration said the sequester was squeezing  things.   Apparently not.)

Norton told the lobbyist that she was aware of contributions made to other  colleagues and said, “I was, frankly, surprised to see that we don’t have a  record, so far as I can tell, of your having given to me, despite long and deep  work.”

“In fact, it’s been my major work….essentially in your sector,” she bemoaned.    “I’m candidly calling to ask for a contribution.  As a senior member of the  committee and a sub-committee chair we have obligations to raise funds and I  think it must have been me, frankly, who hadn’t done my homework to ask for a  contribution earlier.  So I’m trying to make up for it by asking for one now.  

Frankly this is how socialists work. They think they are entitled to  something of someone else.  They think because someone may be gracious to one,  they must be gracious to all. 

Remember that parable Jesus told in Matthew 20?  There an employer hired men  at different times of the day and offered the same pay to each man.  Those who  worked all day got the same amount as those who only worked at the end, but  they  all agreed to the pay.  When those who had worked all day complained,  Matthew  records what Jesus told the man.

But he answered one of them and said, “Friend, I am doing you no wrong. Did  you not agree with me for a denarius?   ‘Take what is yours and go your way. I  wish to give to this last man the same as to you.   Is it not lawful for me to  do what I wish with my own things? Or is your eye evil because I am good?”  

Is Eleanor Holmes Norton not already paid by the taxpayers?  I believe she is  and yet she thinks she is entitled to this lobbyist’s money simply because the  lobbyist gave to some of her colleagues.  She is engaging in evil activity. 

Norton provided her address and said she would follow up with a note.

A couple of things to note.  Since when is it an “obligation” for  congresspersons to “raise funds”?  I thought tax dollars was what funded  things,  not shakedowns.

In a statement released by Norton, she claims that her request was completely   “above board and ‘standard.’”

According to current laws, she is correct.  However, just because something  is legal does not make it the right thing to do.

Noah Baustin informs us that   “there’s a reason that this voicemail received major press. In any other  country  in the world, Norton’s actions would be labeled as blatant solicitation  of a  bribe, (or maybe baksheesh over in Asia) but in the Washington DC, she was  just  playing the standard game. Taking money from the interests they regulate  is how  our representatives stay afloat in a system dominated by big money. It’s  also  how the wealthy special interests are able to keep our politicians on a  tight  leash.”

Baustin points to the other thing to note and that is the corruption that  comes from special interests, money and politicians.  The politicians and  special interests are working hand in hand for their mutual benefit at the  expense of the American citizen.


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