Just Rob More $ From the People

LastResistance – The words  came from Democratic Representative Keith Ellison of Minnesota:

“The bottom line is we’re not broke, there’s  plenty of money, it’s just the government doesn’t have it.”

You couldn’t ask for a clearer portrayal of the ethics of plunder. “We” are  the government and “we” are not broke because all the government needs to do is  to take money from other people.

Ellison was advocating for his “Inclusive Prosperity Act.” He explained,

“The government has a right, the government and  the people of the United States have a right to run the programs of the United  States. Health, welfare, housing – all these things.”

The looting mechanism proposed in the “Inclusive Prosperity Act” is a sales  tax on every sale/purchase of a stock, bond, or derivative. This would arguably  be destructive to the economy, but I’ll leave that argument to the side.

Instead, let me ask, if everything turned out as rosy as Ellison  pretends, would we be better off?

Ellison claims his new tax would rake in $300 billion a year. I have no idea  how realistic his assumptions are. Is he assuming that there would be no  reduction in sales of stocks, bonds, or derivatives? Whatever. Pretend he is  right and we get $300 billion a year coming into the government.

What does he want to do with it? The Bill itself says the money will be used  to fund international sustainable prosperity  programs such as health care investments, AIDS treatment, research and  prevention programs, climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts by  developing countries, and international assistance.”

I’m not going to address the value of these goals, or if they are based on  hallucinations, in some cases, or not. We don’t need to go into all that. The  essential point here is that Ellison is questing for more government spending.  The best you can say about him is that he doesn’t admit that he wants to  increase the national deficit.

But what was that deficit? For 2012 the  national deficit was over a Trillion dollars for the fourth year in a row.  So the man who is telling us that “we have plenty of money,” even if we assume  he really can get all the revue he claims he can get, year after year, is  powerless. $300 billion wouldn’t even cover a third of the national deficit if  we didn’t spend it on anything else.

So, even by these wildly optimistc claims, we are still just a larger version  of Detroit heading toward inevitable collapse and bankruptcy.

Ellison would loot more people to simply make our financial situation even  less safe. He is living in a dream world.


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