McCain Crawls In Bed With The Left

jmcThere is a new  website calling for a grassroots effort to recall Arizona Senators Jeff Flake and John McCain based on their support for Obama’s amnesty agenda.   McCain was only recently added to the recall.

According to the site, McCain’s betrayal of Arizona voters is  more shameful than Flake’s, since  McCain campaigned on border security over and over again.  He  was happy to lie to the voters about how he would secure our southern border and do what it took to get the 700 mile long double-layer border fence built… yet,  after only 36 miles were built,  McCain wants to weaken existing immigration laws and reward foreign nationals from every country who illegally over stay their visas or illegally sneak cross our sovereign borders.

Personally, I hope the voters in Arizona wake up and get rid of both Senators.  McCain is a moderate Republican like Obama is a conservative.

I’ve had my doubts about McCain since 2008.   While I don’t dally in conspiracy theories,  it struck me as rather strange that during the presidential campaign, McCain didn’t go after Obama about his socialist agenda.  It wasn’t exactly like Obama hid it.   Five years later, I can honestly say I think that McCain conspired with the elite powers that be to deliberately throw the election.

Sarah Palin recently revealed that during the campaign she was forbidden to bring up Jeremiah Wright or Obama’s best bud, Communist and former domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, or allowed to talk about Obama’s lack of knowledge, job inexperience, etc.   “In the campaign . . . I wasn’t allowed to talk about things like that because those  elitist, those who are the brainiacs in the GOP machine running John McCain’s  campaign at the time said that the media would eat us alive if we brought up  these things.”

Only last week in an  interview at the New Republic, McCain went after the Tea Party and Conservative members of Congress, while praising Obama’s ability to keep his campaign promises.  Does he miss the point that Obama’s campaign promises were to change the America we knew and turn it into another Socialist Europe – or does he get the point and agree with it?  In case you missed it – McCain is Obama’s new comrade-in-arms.

Hillary is a “rock star” in McCain’s book  despite the fact she lied in Congressional hearings about the Benghazi terror attack, assisted the Obama administration in a cover-up, as  well as helped to hide or shut-down investigations into improper sexual dalliances during her reign at the State Department.  According to an Inspector General’s Report, overseas criminal conduct included sexual assault, procurement of prostitutes, pedophilia, and drugs, all covered up by various high-ranking officials at the State Department.

McCain says we have to pass amnesty despite the fact that it gives the Department of Homeland Security the right to waive crimes committed by illegals while holding American citizens to the letter of the law. Despite the fact that reports have shown that it will cost Americans jobs, reduce wages and overpower our “welfare” system, McCain thinks we must pass it “to save the Republican party.”  Then there was the remark he made about eliminating the border security agents included in the Sente version in a House/Senate compromise.

I have news for McCain and any other so-called Republican that plans to vote for this abonomination –  adding another 13 million plus new Democrat voters isn’t going to save the Republican party and if they pass amnesty, they may as well fold up shop and go home.

McCain stands with Obama on wanting honest law-abiding citizens to let themselves be robbed, murdered, or raped.  He has called on states with “stand your ground” laws to take another look at their “controversial laws.”  Americans use firearms almost 7,000 times a day in self-defense according to Dr. Gary Kleck, the highly acclaimed criminologist from Florida State University.  That means guns are used 60 times more often to save lives, than to take lives.

While we have  one last opportunity to defund Obamacare in the next spending bill,  McCain is cutting deals to eliminate that possibility while  propagandizing that Republicans will be the reason that Obama shuts down the government if they attempt to defund ObamaCare. “Some of my Republican colleagues are already saying we won’t raise the debt  limit unless there’s repeal of ObamaCare. I’d love to repeal ObamaCare, but I  promise you that’s not going to happen on the debt limit.  So some would like to set up another one of these shutdown-the-government  threats. And most Americans are really tired of those kinds of shenanigans here  in Washington.”

What American voters are really tired of is the lies coming from people we elected to represent (?) us.  McCain and a large number of so-called Republicans are no longer flirting with the left – they are in bed with them.


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  1. August 15, 2013 at 9:45 am

    McCain is a disgrace and an enemy of the American people.
    He must be recalled since he is working to destroy our country
    along with many other people LEFT and RIGHT.

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