An Aviary Holocaust

eagleWhen did stupidity become a virtue?

President Obama’s recently announced green scam  will initiate an open-ended aviary holocaust the likes of which we have never before seen according to a recently published peer-reviewed study, while doing nothing to reduce global temperatures.

Existing U.S. wind turbines already kill 1.4 million birds and bats every year while producing just 3% of our electricity and even if we never build another wind farm, existing turbines will kill 14 million birds and bats during the next decade.

Bald eagles, California condors and whooping cranes would be among the first to go. But it’s not just  endangered and threatened species that would fail to sustain their numbers, pretty much every kind of bird you can think of could face extinction.

Birds and bats are vital to keep insect populations in check.  Kill off as many birds and bats as President Obama desires and mosquito-borne diseases will assault Americans with striking ferocity.  Crops will suffer under a growing onslaught of insect attack. Farmers will have to employ more and stronger pesticides to secure our food production.  Infestations of rats and other vermin will also become more frequent and severe.

Following Obama’s plan to reduce carbon emissions by as much as 50 to 80 percent would require that we increase wind farms by 25 fold which would mean another 350 million plus birds and bats would die each decade in addition to the devastation to the land and the environment.

Under optimum conditions, It takes approximately 400 square miles of land to produce as much electricity as a conventional power plant.  Ramp up wind power production to replace conventional power plants and watch America’s remaining open spaces turn into whirring killing fields for birds and bats.

Wind turbines produce power on an intermittent and unpredictable basis, meaning conventional power plants must remain cycling on a constant basis to fill minute-by-minute fluctuations in wind power.  That means electricity produced by wind turbines is far from carbon neutral.  Wind power companies have already cherry picked the best locations to place wind turbines and as they are  forced to build their industrial wind farms on less productive sites,  each new wind turbine and wind farm will produce less electricity than its predecessors. Accordingly, producing 25 times as much wind power means building a heck of a lot more than 25 times more wind turbines.  Using natural gas as a wind back-up would also result in the approximately the same gas burn and an increase in related emissions, including CO2.

If global warming were a threat and not a socialist attempt to redistribute wealth, perhaps we could ultimately justify the killing of so many birds and bats.  But the truth is there is no global warming, there is no severe weather threat, hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, wildfires, etc. are all in long-term downward trends.

Even if we cut emissions by 80 percent, new growth in China’s emissions would render our reductions moot in less than a decade.  They already emit more CO2 than the entire Western Hemisphere and they are not about to destroy their economy on a scam.

Under Obama’s  green redistribution plan,  Americans will suffer the negative economic and environmental consequences of eliminating conventional power generation, of destroying our coal industry, of putting an untold number of people out of work.  There would be no measurable impact on global temperatures, and Americans would be put at a competitive disadvantage producing goods and services while burdened with immensely high energy costs.

But then, isn’t that the ideal Socialist agenda?

Source: J. Taylor, Forbes


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