Sick People Spy

Seth Mason

by Seth MasonĀ 

Domestic Government Spies Are Sick People

I’m angry. Really angry. I’m witnessing the decline of my country as an Domestic Government Spies Are Sick Peopleeconomic superpower and the devolution of my country into a police state. Those who don’t pay attention think I’m crazy to say this. They think I’m paranoid. But let me assure you: I’m no “prepper”, and I’m no conspiracy theorist. I’m an intelligent, rational man who does his research.

On, I’ve written dozens–if not hundreds–of well-researched articles on the economic decline of this country using empirical, indisputable data. And I’ve also argued time and time again–with empirical, indisputable evidence–that this country is inching toward totalitarianism.

What I say can’t be debated: development after development regarding the federal government’s domestic spying programs have been coming to light. Data mining, wire tapping, spy drones, intercepted emails, logs of web search terms, the list can be increased ad infinitum. It’s sick. It truly is. And those responsible for these egregious violations of our constitutional rights are sick people.

Sometimes, I’m hesitant to conduct legitimate research for ECOMINOES using “controversial” search terms because I know some sick government bastard is watching me.

Those who are employed to conduct such un-American activities are worse than drug dealers and prostitutes. Seriously. Drug dealers and prostitutes supply a demand that’s part of human nature. Sorry social conservatives; man has always sought out ways to escape the tedium of reality. Deal with it.

But the government employees who spy on innocent people like me make their living making a mockery of our Constitution. The worse type of people is those who earn their daily bread doing something they know in their heart of hearts is unethical.

At least drug dealers and prostitutes provide services to consenting parties.

No one consents to domestic spying and subsequent harassment by law enforcement.

The good news is that we have legal recourse against these sick people. The Supreme Court has made it possible to sue those government employees who spy on us. I hope this fact will make them think twice about violating our 4th Amendment protections. Because ethics and morality sure don’t. –


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