The U.N. Agenda 21 ‘New Deal’

001I guess you’ve heard that the U.N. has come out with another ‘sky-is-falling’ global warming alert since no one of consequences bought the first hundred or so.  This new alert asserts that – guess what – global warming is real, and it may be, could be or possibly is caused by humans.  Yawn!

Never let it be said that people like Big Al Gore and the U.N. are quitters – there is far too much money and power involved to roll over and play dead.

Since most sensible people are no longer  buying the UN  global warming scam, and aren’t heavily involved in all that sustainable Agenda 21 garbage, what better way to entice American support than FDR’s New Deal with a Green Twist?

Broke, out of work – let us help you through these trying times with our new   Global Green New Deal. 

The UN New Deal would be similar to the Great Depression New Deal.  “It would encompass public works programs, support for ‘social’ protection and measures to encourage productive investments for output and job recovery” in economically challenged countries.  All they need to achieve this green utopia is a national stimulus packages to revive and build green national economies, along with international development pacts between rich and poor nations and support to third world countries to counter the global economic slowdown. “. . .the investment should lead to the revival of growth that is both ecologically sustainable and socially inclusive.”

If you don’t understand Socialist speak – they simply want the U.S. to borrow even more money from China, money that we could never repay, to give to the U.N. so they could distribute it to poor countries to build wind farms they don’t need, or as is the usual custom, to third world dictators so they can live the high life, while the peons suffer.  In order words, it is a lot simpler to drag America down to third world status than it is to bring third world countries up to U.S. standards.

Because history is written by those who win, ignorant people do not understand that FDR’s New Deal was the plan to socialize America;  that it, like all socialism never works; and that it destroyed (or led to the destruction) of the Great American Dream.  A new New Deal will take the world over the edge.  It may sound  good but so did communism to those who didn’t want to work hard and make their own way.


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