You Trusted Obama and HE Screwed You BIG TIME

  1. NO. Obamacare is not free.
  2. 2014 – fined $95. per person, 47.50 per child or $285. for the year
  3. 2015 –  $325. per person, 162.50 per child or $975. for the year or 2% of you income
  4. 2016 – $695. per person, 347.50 per child, $2,085. yearly or 2.5% of your income
  5. 2017 – fines will rise with the rate of inflation
  6. You have to sign up whether you file a tax return or not
  7. You may be exempted if unemployed but the IRS WILL deduct the fines if you file future tax returns…………
  8. Obamacare is not a product; it’s the unconstitutional law passed by Democrats and RHINOs.
  9. Obamacare is the Affordable Care Act – laughable if it didn’t take food from your family.
  10. If you don’t have Obamacare or qualify for Medicaid (state insurance); you WILL PAY your own medical bills. 

What is not discussed is the amount of deductible you have to pay out-of-pocket before your Affordable Healthcare kicks in……how does 16,000 + sound?

So basically, you’re being FORCED to pay for insurance that will never pay out a dime on you or your family’s healthcare unless someone needs Chemo and then it will be decided by a non-physician panel if your quality of life is worth the cost.

Truth is, you’re worse off now than when you were just uninsured. Because now, you’re being fined for not having healthcare insurance.

It’s not too late to join with millions of others who are demanding congress Defund Obamacare.

This information is straight from the horse’s mouth.

PPSIMMONS Calls Obamacare

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