Nullification Signatures Delivered To 150 State Reps, California And Florida Up Next

we-will-not-comply-obamacareWe’ve just finished delivering petition signatures for the State of  Texas to nullify Obamacare.  We’re in the process of delivering petitions to California and Florida.

We’re delivering petitions every time a State reaches a new one thousand signature milestone (up to one time per  month), so please keep spreading the word and keep the signatures coming.

Ron Paul recently reminded us that nullification of Federal law is one of the most effective ways to push back against Federal overreach.

The Liberty Crier has collected over fifteen thousand signatures to fight Obamacare to date and we’re hoping that with your help we can make that number grow much larger.  Even if just  a few states Nullify Obamacare it will be the foot in the door of resistance we need to bring the whole healthcare law down.

Don’t delay!  Take action to defeat Obamacare now.

Click here to sign the Obamacare nullification petition and spread the word now!

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